GOOGLE was one of my first PROTOTYPE robots, when I first

came up with the idea to save millions of computers by using them

to provide FREE computers for kids, to program home-made ROBOTS.

GOOGLE as a name, came from the GOOGLY EYES that were used

to make the simplistic face. Like THE FACEBOOK, which was

shortened to " Facebook", it became obvious that a SHORT name

on the internet was incredibly important - hence the short form,

"GOOGLE" for the robot. This robot, as a proof of concept, could

only move with 2 simple motors, and could only "SPEAK" with

a simple speaker, in two Frequencies - a high beep, and a low beep,

which was easy to program in BASIC.

It had no feedback compared to later robots, was light-blind, and

therefore was much easier to interface - however, since it was

a test platform, it served its purpose. This prototype was created

4 years before I even got the idea of putting on the

internet, and my notes show I invented GOOGLE about

September 14th, 1997 - many years before most of todays'

robotic kits were ever thought about.  GOOGLE served as

the inspiration for my later robot SERVO, which can be

seen at:

Since GOOGLE could only "TALK" using a Morse-Code

type of BEEP, I made a quick GOOGLE TRANSLATE

program, to de-code the BEEPS so that kids could print

out the chart, and easily understand what GOOGLE was

saying. ALSO, since GOOGLE could only move in simple

program steps such as FORWARD 1, BACKWARDS 1,

LEFT, and RIGHT, in order to navigate, I made a chart

program to show the path to the FINAL DESTINATION

point, from any series of commands - this I called

GOOGLE MAPS, so kids could MAP out where GOOGLE

was going to end up, and show the course in between.

This was all very crude, but as a proof of concept,

it worked very well.

. When I get a moment, I will add a bit more documentation on GOOGLE,


have fun

robin dusty graves

. . .