Blackberry 9300 Review

I purchased, cash, a 9300 for over $200.00 ( $200 CDN = $200.00 U.S. Dollars ).

I got a WIND MOBILE, Canada, unlimited plan, with data, Blackberry data, and tethering
(connecting the USB Blackberry cord to your computer, and then using the
9300 as the source for INTERNET - like Wi-Fi or Ethernet, except the tiny cell
phone picks up the internet from the Cell Towers, and feeds it to your computer.)

The first 4 weeks of light usage were spent mostly figuring out HOW to "USE" the
Blackberry 9300. It is stated on hundreds of technical reviews, that any BLACKBERRY
has a " STEEP LEARNING CURVE " as a cell phone, compared to, for example, an iPhone,
or a touch screen Android Cell Phone... I fully agree... it may be an UNDER statement...
I have over 72 cell phones.(actually I have a lot more than that, but the OLD, analog
cell phones that are no longer used in CANADA, are just sitting in cardboard boxes in
my storage... many of these are from ROGERS Cellular turning off every single "analog"
Cell tower across Canada, a few years ago. The same thing happened with TELUS, which
dropped all non-"SIM" phones, such as my $600 'MiKe' phone...) I have used 2 Blackberry
PEARLs, both which I threw out, in disgust a short time ago, since you CANNOT turn
OFF the darned " PREDICTIVE TEXT" ! - If you try to type "away" as in "I will be AWAY"
the wretched phone will, after you press " A ", type in something ridiculous like
" Absolutely ", and then , when you press " W ", it will replace that word with
another ridiculous word like " AWful ", - hey wait a minute - that's
" Absolutely AWful " - so the predictive text actually WORKS, since that is
exactly what I was thinking ! AMAZING! I have a Blackberry 8700, with bigger
buttons, with a larger CLICK so that that they are easier to separate, and you
really know that you PRESSED them, which I like. The navigation is from a thumb
wheel on the side, which CLICKS as you turn it, to scroll up and down lists.
You PRESS the wheel in to "CHOOSE" an item, and again, the CHOOSE is clear and
reliable. The 8700 states on the label under the battery " MADE IN CANADA " which
is great, and it is solid and reliable... It is with ROGERS Cellular. I have
used many other Blackberries over the years...
Comparatively, the 9300 states "Made in Mexico" and the keys are smaller, they
click LESS, and the navigation is by a square touchpad. The touch pad is sloppy
at best, but has the advantage that dust cannot clog the device - a problem with
the track ball. Overall, I prefer the "old" trackball, since the scrolling was
crisp and solid...
Almost the DAY I put in the $50.00 to PAY AS YOU GO for the next month of
NO CONTRACT Unlimited services, the Blackberry 9300 started to fail, seriously.

There is the "young Generation", the Pepsi Generation, Generation X,
the OLD Generation, and now, with the Blackberry 9300, there is the
" ERROR Generation ", since that is all it does. Generate Errors, constantly.....
I am always surprised at the volume, the diversity, and the continual barrage
of errors with the 9300. Alexander Pope stated " TO ERR IS HUMAN..."
SO the 9300 is the most HUMAN cell phone ever devised...
BELOW some errors

Another typical ERROR when taking BB9300 from case... below
This indicates that the BB9300 magically turned off by itself, and
is re-starting on its own!

There are dozens of CODED ERRORs, and I have no idea what they


SURE, WHY NOT?, Let's CLICK Download...

AS Usual, clicking Download just gives an ERROR.

THE ERROR below is constant, continual, repeated, consistent....

M.WINDMOBILE.CA ! NOTE: Full 5 bars of signal!

Searching on the INTERNET ( whenever the darned thing actually "connects " ), I
find thousands of reports of Blackberry 9300 problems, all over the world.
The first problem on the list, is the 3 hour battery life or SHORT battery life.
Almost the day I renewed the second month, my BB9300 would last 3 hours. I took it
back to the "Retail Franchise Outlet" where I purchased it, and over the next
month got 2 new SIM cards, 6 new batteries, and had the service guy fight with
the BB9300 repeatedly, taking out the SIM, taking out the Battery, re-setting,
FLASHING the DEVICE Operating System, Re-setting the Network, etc.
The problem has gotten WORSE, and I set up a Microsoft Windows 7 Computer, Downloaded
the BlackBerry DESKTOP, and Flashed the DEVICE. This took 4 hours, since the
downloaded Desktop was out of date, and after installing hundreds of Megabytes
of software, it demanded to UPDATE, the "NEW" software, which it did 3 times...
Then I plugged in the BB9300, and started to update the BB9300 Device software
programming ( Flashing the cell phone Operating System ).
This process was interrupted 3 times, again, since the Desktop, after 1/2 hour of loading
demanded to UPDATE the already Updated Desktop, and went online again to download
more files. It went back to the Device setup, and then demanded that it go
online again and update Microsoft Windows 7 itself, with new files. It did this,
and then demanded that the BB9300 be Unplugged, so that the Desktop could
be re-started !, Then it asked that the BB9300 be plugged back in, and the whole
process re-started! Then it stated something like 793 files updating on the
Blackberry 9300, and took about an hour to finish... Looking at what part of
Microsoft Windows, New, Windows 7, ( Updated automatically with all the newest files),
that the Desktop " HAD TO " stop in the middle of the process to get NEW files
for, much to my surprise I found that the Desktop downloaded OBSOLETE, Windows
components from 2008 - in the SAME folder, and beside, the correct, working, components from
2012 ! The old garbage files all had to be manually deleted after the "new"
Blackberry Desktop Install, install, re-install, update, re-install, update,
update device, re-install device, update device, re-install etc... that took over 4 hours.
Who in hell is the genius Engineer behind this programming?

There is likely a ton of other garbage from RIM Blackberry Desktop installation,
scattered throughout the Windows 7 Operating System, even after spending an hour
trying to DELETE everything - it just isn't worth the effort to go into the COMMAND
PROMPT, and manually type the old DOS command, " REGEDIT" and manually
searching for hundreds of fragments...USING the FIND and FIND NEXT in a game
of hide- and - seek... using KEY WORDS like RIM, Blackberry, 9300, DEVICE, etc.

Then, on my regular Windows XP computer, which generated nothing but errors on the
first dozen attempts to install the Blackberry Desktop, I finally spent 5 hours
getting the Desktop to WORK. This is AFTER the continual ERRORS of the download
software QUTTING, for no reason, directly from the BLACKBERRY Web Site!
THIS is a an hour and half of frustration the 'typical HOME user' will really enjoy!

Earlier I reformatted the entire C: drive that had
Windows XP on it, Re-installed XP, and NAKED, with NO SOFTWARE AT ALL, installed the
Blackberry Desktop BY ITSELF, -- I did this 3 times, and got nothing but dozens of
errors... The trick was to STOP the Blackberry Desktop from
UPDATING the obsolete version on the Provided CD that came with the BB9300, by
going online and installing " NEW AND IMPROVED" versions and components... AS SOON AS
the Desktop updated itself from the old version from 2010 ( this is 2012 ),
tons of ERRORS popped up, and none of the features worked... Wretched.
Again who is the Genius Engineer who is in charge of this crap?

After 5 hours of downloading the "new" version, then, reloading an even NEWER version
on top ( why didn't it just download the latest version in the first place? ), and
then fighting with different versions of the DEVICE software, which did not install
without generating tons of ERROR messages, I just put the obsolete CD in the
DVD reader, and used it AS IT WAS, by first turning OFF the auto UPDATE features.

Finally it worked... I re-flashed the BB9300 DEVICE software - noting that, it took
about 10 tries, since the stupid BB DESKTOP refuses to even LOOK at the DEVICE
software, and just wants to "synchronize" your MOVIES, ( there are none), your Photographs,
(there are none), your Calendar memos (there are none ), your Phone Book ( there is none ),
your ---- Whatever, and there is NONE on this wretched phone since I deleted everything,
since it constantly tells me that there is NO MEMORY ! More on that little
problem later... .... ... THE ONLY way to get the Desktop to even LOOK AT the Device
software, is to TAKE OUT THE CELL battery, and plug in the BB9300 at exactly the
correct moment, and then, when the Desktop farts around for a few minutes, and
"SEES" the BB9300 ( which is powered only by the +5 Volts from the USB CABLE ), it
eventually pops up with a tiny window that states PIN and a code number. At THAT EXACT
moment you have to jam in the BB9300 battery, and THEN, and only then, does the
Desktop "SEE" the DEVICE files, and offers to update the actual BB9300 itself,
instead of "Synchronizing", in my case, an EMPTY, un-used, 32 THOUSAND MILLION Byte
SD memory card ( which the BB9300 Device refuses to use - instead it generates tons
of "NO MEMORY" errors ! ) and synchronizing the wretched, pitiful, 30 MEGS of
"FREE MEMORY", which, in my case is EMPTY, since I can't load ANYTHING without
getting " NO MEMORY" errors... ( more on this hideous "feature" later .... )
I just wonder how hard it would be to put a BUTTON on the Blackberry Desktop that
simply stated "UPDATE DEVICE" ....? This would appear to be a radical concept...

SO I turned on the newly Flashed, new install of the BB9300, and searched
" Blackberry 9300 SUCKS " on the BB9300 Web browser - and got an " ERROR "...
now THAT speaks volumes... It is absolutely Hilarious....

I get SOOOoooooooo..... many errors, that I carry a real CAMERA and try to capture
the errors in a PHOTO. I have hundreds. Some errors are only there for a few seconds,
and I can't get them, others, are very rare, and if I am travelling, standing
up in a crowded SKY TRAIN ( subway car in Vancouver Canada ), I just can't take
out a real camera and do a photo shoot! Note that on the Skytrain, all around me
are hundreds of people with Androids, and iPhones, etc., talking, texting, surfing the
internet, and listening to music... just very happy - while I get every error imaginable!
After re-Flashing the BB9300, I now get new and improved ERROR messages :
Password Expires in 3 days, Password Expires in 2 days, Password expires in 1 day,
Password expires Today, and, finally, Password has expired.
Please authenticate to change password. Enter password:
Re-Flashing the 9300, Wiping, Cleaning, Scrubbing, removing the Battery and SIM,
running the SECURITY Wipe, and the File Cleaner, etc. has no effect at all...

I have called Cairo, Egypt a few times, and the last time the Customer representative told me
to Take out the Battery, take out the SIM, and wait a minute, and replace, and then Use the
Blackberry Desktop Software to Re-Flash the BB9300 Device Software. ( here we go again ).
NOTE: You can update the SOFTWARE by "using" the Blackberry 9300 itself, and this feature
is even on the MENU, as one might expect...

HOWEVER.... as usual, since the entire 9300 is"defective" from
start to finish, as expected, if the "CUSTOMER" tries to actually
"USE" the BB9300 "feature", this results in an immediate ERROR...

There are hundreds of other ERRORS that indicate the Blackberry 9300 Device Software
is DEFECTIVE, such as a typical screen of my simple website,, which dozens
of OLD, severely limited, "BASIC", PQRS7 keyed cell phones can view, but, here, to
compare "apples to apples" (ironic term, considering the iPhone..), my Blackberry 8700,
which is severely out of date, in that it has NO SD Memory slot, NO Wi-Fi, NO camera/video,
teeny RAM, no GPS mapping, and a slow processor,
"SEES"  my web page perfectly clearly...

but, the "New and IMPROVED", powerful, Blackberry 9300, with 32 Thousand, Million, Bytes
of user upgraded SD ram, A Video/camera, Wi-Fi, GPS mapping, a fast processor, a comparatively
huge 256 Million bytes of internal RAM, etc., can't even "see" my web page correctly!

A day after I put in $50 to pay for the second month of unlimited "SERVICE", I had to take the
BB9300 in to the shop at 4007 Kingsway in Vancouver, since the battery would die
in 3 hours or LESS.... The guy there is extremely technically oriented, and can
unlock, jailbreak, re-program, re-set, flash, and set up just about ANY cell phone on the
market, and I really am happy to deal with someone who actually KNOWS about cell phones.
However, he did NOT design, nor program the darned BB9300, so there is only so much
he can do. He immediately FLASHED the BB9300 DEVICE Software, and put in a NEW SIM,
and a NEW BATTERY. I ({[ " ALWAYS " ]}) look on the BB9300 OPTIONS MENU, under
Device, then DEVICE, then scroll down, since the most important piece of information
on the phone is hidden, just below the screen... and look at how much FREE
MEMORY there is..
I deliberately SHOWED the Service guy the figure on the cell phone before I left the store.
I put the cell in my pocket. About 2 Blocks up the street is a Crosswalk, with a
stop light, I walked there, and while waiting for the Signal Light to change,
took out the BB9300, and there was an ERROR MESSAGE ON THE SCREEN ! Golly - a brand new
Device Flash, A brand new SIM, and a BRAND NEW BATTERY, and 2 Blocks away, it
magically HANGS DEAD, with the typical BlackBerry WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH..

In a teeny little "DOS" window was the word RESET, and above in text, equally teeny,
"APPLICATION ERROR". The BB9300 was completely DEAD, and nothing could revive the
Operating System, as all buttons were dead, EXCEPT the CENTER main scroll/click
button, which activated the " RESET" and the BB9300 shut down, and spent 5 minutes
reloading, wiping, wiping, scrubbing, scrubbing, wiping, wiping, and then re- initializing...
When it came back on, I immediately went into OPTIONS, Device, Device, and scrolled
down to see the hidden FREE MEMORY - and, golly, a hidden, unregistered, unknown,
un-authorized "APPLICATION" tried to install itself, taking up, get this....
30 MEGABYTES of the wretched "FREE MEMORY ! ! !
I took out the battery ( brand new ), took out the SIM card (Brand new ), and re-installed,
but, when It asked for my PASSWORD, I deliberately put in the WRONG password 10 times,
the default number, and this FORCES the BB9300 to destroy all data, and RE-SET all the
DEVICE software - so it shut down, did a wipe, wipe, scrub, scrub, wipe, wipe, and

much to my relief, the unknown, hidden, 30 Megabyte "APPLICATION" that tried to install
itself, was gone, and I had 30 MegaBytes of more FREE MEMORY... What the Hell was that
about? Who knows, When I call SUPPORT in Cairo, Egypt, they tell me that Blackberries
are subject to " MEMORY LEAKAGE " - well maybe, if you are actually "USING" the phone, but
30 Million BYTES of an unknown, un-authorized APPLICATION when the phone is un-used
in your pocket? You would have to be an idiot to label this "Memory Leakage"...
For the next few weeks, almost every time I took the Blackberry out of its CASE, a
soft, CAMERA CASE, that I wear on my belt, with a zippered enclosure, with lots of
padding.. it would be HUNG, Resetting, DEAD, waiting for the SIM PIN number, or
waiting for the PASSWORD, or wiping, scrubbing, or showing the Famous
WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH, or showing some ERROR message.
Most of the time it was just Dead. This means that you have to put it on the
charger for 15 minutes or so, before the screen even comes on to tell you that
battery needs charging!...
I put in a tab of PLASTIC, scotch taped near the 4 battery contacts, so that I could
flip up the plastic, and put the battery back.

This DISCONNECTED the battery, so that
when I wanted to actually "USE" the Blackberry 9300, it actually "WORKED".
( What a "CONCEPT" - picking up a 9300 and it actually "WORKS"! )
Since I got a rubber case protector, and a plastic holder/protector ( after market) for the
BB9300, the daily, and sometimes hourly RITUAL of removing the battery and the SIM and
re-setting the BB9300, is very awkward and time consuming... However, "USING" the
Blackberry for any length of time, particularly on the INTERNET, causes it to
collect all sorts of files, and HISTORYs and hidden garbage that uses up the teeny
amount of useable memory, and every time I call Egypt Support, they always ask that
I first "Remove the battery and SIM card and wait a minute, then replace" to re-set
the device..." Duh. I am cutting a hole in the Rubber cover, and the Blackberry
battery back cover door, and putting in an ON/ OFF switch. There is tons of unused
space in the back, ( where the LARGE, Powerful Battery should be, and isn't)
The plastic docking holster I purchased had an INDENT on the inside for a MAGNET,
but left the magnet off, so I drilled a hole in the plastic and glued in my own

I would not DREAM of having a Blackberry without a magnet to activate the
Hall Effect transistor under the V/ B/ SPACE buttons, to notify the Blackberry
to shut down into the "Docked" mode! I believe the battery lasts longer, and there
are fewer problems, but only a Software Engineer at RIM would know the EXACT,
internal programming and behaviours...

MARCH 13th UPDATE, I got around to adding a switch on the battery, so that I do
not continually have to peel off the soft rubber cover 10 times a day, and, I cut a slot
in the rubber cover to put in a sliding CAMERA cover as well. Works like a charm.
Now, the camera has a black cover when not in use, and I can turn the power off by
a slide switch on the side. ((ASPCbb CERTIFICATION: During the filming of this
process, "NO Blackberries were HARMED)),
and I can remove the switch, the cover, etc., and the 9300 and battery are "FACTORY".

ABOVE, I used thin ribbon cable from a printer head assembly that I scavenged. I cut
a strip with only two wires. I scotch taped the folded contacts over the battery POSITIVE
CONTACT, so that it only "connects" when a switch on the other end of the cable is
is in the "ON" position. Cost so far: ZERO... I put a quick thin coat of clear HOT MELT
glue over the switch to keep it in place. Perfecto... A loop in the white Ribbon cable
allows me to remove the rubber cover, and remove the battery cover and battery, if I
need to, for example to get at the SIM and the SD Memory card.

Using a teeny switch from what once was an expensive OLED MP3 player, that had the
memory chip zapped with static electricity, I cut a rectangle in the rubber case on the side,
and brought the ribbon cable out through the side of the battery cover, to the side.

ABOVE: Then I cut a slot in the rubber cover for a piece of plastic to slide up and
down over the CAMERA lens. Works perfectly.

More on this later... The fun is just starting...
Then, as well as fighting with the BB9300 itself, I ran into problems with the WIND
signals and the WIND programming and internet and services... For a while, even though
the BB9300 reported in the OPTIONS, DEVICE, DEVICE, that there was FULL SIGNAL, 5 bars
on the main screen, and SIGNAL STRENGTH of -70 DB ( Decibels ), the cell was completely
DEAD. This is because, while the Cell phone could "SEE" the tower, 100% clearly, on the
CELL TOWER TRANSMIT frequency, the CELL Tower could not "see" the tiny signal being
sent from the CELL Phone, on the CELL PHONE transmit frequency. The Tower transmits
on one SET of frequencies " TO " the hundreds of Cell phones, and the CELL PHONES,
transmit on yet ANOTHER SET OF FREQUENCIES... This is an important point, since, if there
is interference, it will likely destroy the teeny Cell phone signal FIRST, while the
CELL TOWER, with a massive 110 Volt or 220 Volt AMPLIFIER, blasts out a strong signal, as always.
After a while it became clear that the drop in service would occur at the SAME TIME
EVERY DAY- for example, it turned OFF at 3:00 in the Afternoon, and magically came back
on at 12:00 Midnight - 4 days in a row. When I called Wind Support, they reported that
there was a "Problem with the TOWER" - What ? ? A transistor "FAILS" in the amplifier
at exactly 3:00 every day, and the transistor in the amplifier magically repairs
itself at Midnight every day? You would have to an idiot to believe that! Another interesting
detail is that the area of NO SERVICE was always ONLY in the area of 33rd and Victoria streets,
where I live, and that it was reported by dozens of people - some travelling in
buses and cars through the city, and again, the service ONLY died in THAT area, at THAT
set of times... Curiously enough, since I travel in circles of technical people,
at the Abbotsford Sunday Flea Market, someone sold a $600, dual mast, CELL PHONE JAMMER,
that can be tuned to remove ANY cell phone, for a 2 Kilometer radius...That's a
4 Kilometer swath of the city! There are HUNDREDS, if not Thousands, of various Cell phone
jammers in theVancouver area, usually and typically small, portable jammers the size of a
package of cigarettes, used by businessmen and Corporations who use them
in Private and Corporate Business meetings, to make certain that cell phones are not
recording critical and sensitive information, and transmitting the data... They also work on
hidden cameras and video cameras and other devices...

This is standard practice, and many Corporations install Cell Phone jammers
PERMANENTLY in critical areas of the buildings. I have been in a few retail stores,
where ALL my cell phones die! Since I carry up to 6 Cell Phones, on different frequencies
with different carriers, there must be powerful jammers! I get Technical information from
dozens of websites daily, and for Christmas, one site had a Special on a Toy - a 5 Mast,
individually tunable, multi- frequency, jammer, that could jam ONE SPECIFIC device -
that is, if you have a Wireless Wi-Fi home internet set up - you could scan all frequencies
on all devices, and program ONE antenna to remove ONE computer, or ONE printer, or
ONE cell phone, or whatever! It was $50 US, with free shipping from Hong Kong. There
are hundreds of such jammers available, and if you have the money, you can buy a really
good one for $25,000.00 US, free shipping, that can be programmed to take out
ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING in a 4 mile radius...!
(RADIO, TV, Satellite, Short Wave, Cell Phone, Police Bands, Military channels, etc.)
In any event, I have never heard of an electronic device like an amplifier, "FAILING"
at exactly 3:00 PM and magically "Repairing" itself at exactly 12:00 Midnight, for
4 days in a row, so I accept the "Faulty Tower" explanation as ridiculous...
Of really " INTERESTING " note, as Spock would say, my friend also has a BlackBerry
9300 - purchased 3 months before mine, on the "UNBREAKABLE" plan, which gives the
exact features of my WIND plan, but for only $40 a month, and, the plan can NEVER
be cancelled... I did not move fast enough, and my plan is only guaranteed for
1 year... On my friend's BB9300 - the EXACT same outages occurred, since we are in
the same area - HOWEVER, and this is VERY important - that Cell is on a monthly
PLAN, and whenever the WIND cell tower looses signal, the default setting is to
choose the CELL tower "AUTOMATIC"ally... which changes the frequency
from theprivately owned WIND tower, to ROGERS wireless- at a HUGE,
My friend was watching TV and surfing the INTERNET on the BB9300, UN-AWARE that
the Cell tower LOST SIGNAL at 3:00 PM, and continued happily until after 6:00 PM -
Using the free software "MINT" on a laptop, a pop-up notice flashed that WIND
drained not only the pre-existing balance in the mobile account but charged an ADDITIONAL $35.00
- in one day! (The price of an ENTIRE MONTH!) Calling Support in Cairo, Egypt, resulted in the
explanation that since the USER " LEFT THE WIND AREA " of the Wind Cell Towers,
the Cell Phone switched to ROGERS, and the huge $35.00++ bill was the CHARGE from
ROGERS WIRELESS! Considering the person was at home, watching TV, sitting on the
sofa, and might have gone to the washroom or to the fridge to get some popcorn,
the explanation that the " USER LEFT THE WIND AREA" seems Hilarious !
For a 3 hour shortage, once a day, you get, $40x365,+ regular charge of $40 a month
for supposed "unlimited" cell phone use...
= $14,600.00 + $480 = $15,080.00 CDN ( = $15,080.00 U.S. Dollars) !
Wow, That starts to get expensive, no wonder
there are thousands of really angry people! WIND makes $480 a year,
and ROGERS makes $14,600.00 ! Now THAT is a 'comfortable' business arrangement!
My WIND Cell Phone just popped up with the NEWS ITEM:
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2012 10:49 AM ET
Rogers Communications Inc. announced an 11 per cent increase
in its dividend Wednesday as the telecom giant reported higher
fourth-quarter profits that easily beat analyst expectations.
Rogers said net income in the three months ended Dec. 31 grew
eight per cent to $327 million, or 61 cents per diluted share,
from $302 million, or 50 cents per share in the prior-year period.
Operating revenue grew to
$3.18 BILLION from $3.14 BILLION.
This news should create a lot of Jolly Rogers Executives...

This can ONLY happen IFF the Cell phone is pre-programmed to "AUTOMATICALLY"
switch to ROGERS Wireless, whenever the WIND Mobile Cell Tower signal fails.
And, by golly, wouldn't you know it- if you FLASH a BRAND NEW DEVICE Operating
SYSTEM into the WIND Cell phone, that is EXACTLY the pre-programmed setting!
The typical "home" user is totally un-aware of this 'interesting' "Feature",
and are repeatedly HIT by the extra charges... I go into the many, many, many,
Device setting pages, and change the "DEFAULT"s, so that this does
NOT happen on my Cell phone. AND, I will also, for anyone I know with a
WIND Cell phone, who has this problem, go in and change their "Automatic"
settings as well... However, this change ONLY lasts until they are faced with
the next Scrub, Wipe, Clean, Scrub, Wipe, Security Wipe, Cache File Clean, etc.
and then the Cell Phone automatically reverts back to the "$15,000" ,
"Factory Setting", MODE... !
Since the Cell phone mysteriously shuts down
-- ON ITS OWN,-- and randomly performs a COMPLETE FACTORY RESET,
this is a continual problem. Most 'typical' users are helpless to change it.
Always looking for the deep hidden truth behind strange happenings, I surmise
that someone deliberately JAMMED the WIND cell-to-Tower frequencies. Who? -WHY?
is unknown, BUT the result was that hundreds of people who own BB9300's all complained
that they were CHARGED HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY, when they were at HOME, not moving
anywhere... The PROFIT from this, would be 100% ROGERS WIRELESS... Not to mention
a LOSS of future revenue on the part of WIND, since reviews, on hundreds of Web sites
all have people bitterly complaining about horrible experiences with WIND MOBILE...
After a few weeks of continued BLACK OUTS of WIND, it became suddenly reliable - HERE-
and reports immediately started that ANOTHER area of Vancouver was being hit by the SAME
BLACK OUTS! ( Like the person with the jamming equipment set up somewhere else! )

On the note of CONSTANT, CONTINUAL, ERRORS, ... my friend with the NEW, Unbreakable,
100% unlimited, Blackberry 9300 with WIND, is so fed up, that they are reviewing
iPhone and Android offerings - WITH OTHER CARRIERS.... Personally, I have been using
Cell Phones since they were first offered in CANADA, by Bell Telephone ONLY, and
ONLY a huge, permanently mounted Automobile Console, with a big, UGLY, Black old
handset like you find on a 1950's rotary phone! It cost $4000.00, cost $128.00 a month
just to stay licenced - even if you did not use it, and cost $8.26 a minute
extra if you did use it. It cost $500 to install in the car...

I was using a LOT
of cell phones with CANTEL/ATT in Canada, and originally could use the Cell phones in
Canada ( CANTEL ) and in the United States ( ATT ), and then, cell phone hackers in the
U.S. (phone phreaks) discovered that by generating fake CANADIAN cell accounts, and
flashing the U.S. cell phones, by the time the U.S. Carrier ( ATT ) compiled the monthly bill,
and then sent it to the Canadian Carrier ( CANTEL ) which would compile the bills
at the end of the month, it took 2 full MONTHS before the fake Cell ID was CANCELLED,
and this meant that they only had to generate fake Cell software 6 times a year
to get full unlimited service... - If they generated U.S. fake numbers, then they
would have to do the work 12 times a year, since the numbers would be cancelled
every MONTH! SO my CANTEL/ATT phones then only worked in CANADA ... Then,
ROGERS purchased CANTEL, and my clearly labeled "CANTEL/ATT" phones continued to
work under the "NEW" Rogers. Since ROGERS OWNED all the Cell Towers across Canada,
calls EVERYWHERE were "LOCAL" - I could call Vancouver, or Edmonton, or Toronto or
Gander, Newfoundland, for the same cost - only pennies a minute, and it stayed this
way for years... Then, year by year, day by day, I kept getting TEXT messages from
ROGERS, that "THIS FEATURE will be Discontinued", "Long distance charges will now
apply", This FREE feature will now COST XX.XX per month", That Feature will now
cost $XX.XX per each use", etc., etc., and the day that Ted Rogers died, and the
corporation was in the hands of the suits and ties on Wall Street ( In Canada, that
would be BAY street, in TORONTO ), the situation was ridiculous. Since I have
over 72 cell phones, many are with Rogers, and I got used to weekly "UPDATES" as
all my Rogers cell phones would ring, delivering the latest price increases and
deteriorating service... I have Cell phones with FIDO ( completely owned and
operated by ROGERS ) which have better pricing than ROGERS. I have Cell Phones
with CHAT'R ( Completely Owned and Operated by Rogers, and designed to LOOK LIKE,
and act like, and compete with Mobilicity and WIND Mobile ! ) 7 Eleven "Speak Out"
Cell phones are operating under Rogers, and Petro-Canada Cell Phones are operating
under ROGERS, etc. etc., so that there are a LOT of "ROGERS" related cell phones in Canada,
and generally, the GSM/ SIM CARD , Rogers setup is very versatile and easy to
use - a SIM card put in any "unlocked" GSM phone, will instantly upgrade that
account to the new phone - a feature I appreciate. However, ROGERS has become
as greedy, Corporate-oriented, and uncaring as BELL Cellular was 25 years ago!
As a result, I am cheering on WIND MOBILE as the new kid on the block, and, even
with all the problems it is having, I really hope that NEW competition will
break the "comfortable" CARTEL of the big three in Canada - ROGERS, BELL, and TELUS.
I have noticed recent ads from ROGERS offering deals that are totally unheard of
over the last 10 years, so the competition seems to be working.
That said, WIND MOBILE has severe issues, almost ALL of which you can find by
just searching the internet, and reading as hundreds of people complain and
search for solutions to thousands of issues... Since I can EASILY remember all
the HORRIBLE problems that BELL, TELUS, CANTEL, ROGERS, etc. had, in the beginning,
when they first set up their networks, over a half a CENTURY of time, I look at
the start up problems with WIND as " PERFECTLY NORMAL"... ( however, WIND could
easily learn from the mistakes of the others and prevent some of the obvious
problems, from the start! ).... None of the Big 3 can point their fingers at
WIND, since any problems with WIND in Canada already happened years ago to
themselves!... I just hope that problems are sorted out - soon - since, like
my friend with the Blackberry 9300, life moves QUICKLY, and WIND just lost
a customer to "some other" cell phone ( iPhone or ANDROID ) and "SOME OTHER"
carrier... There is NO reason for this.... If the Blackberry 9300 was re-Flashed with
better DEVICE software to actually USE FREE MEMORY that was available, then
many of the hundreds of errors would just disappear. Who, in their right
mind, as an engineer, or Cellular manufacturer, would release a gutted, crippled,
bloated with useless "features" and "VIDOES" and defective, Cell phone to the
public that constantly generates unnecessary errors! ( BB9300 ).
The Blackberry 9300 is the most brilliant ADVERTISING tool ever devised in
the history of the CELL PHONE. At RIM ( Research In Motion ), the highly skilled

Engineering teams, and MARKETING, and SALES, teams, that devised the crippled,
gutted, pretend, Blackberry 9300, did a brilliant job. Now THAT'S TEAMWORK!
They can easily be recognized, since, at the end of the day, when the offices
of RIM are closing, they can be seen driving to the NEWLY BUILT APPLE building
in Kitchener/Waterloo, to pick up their paychecks, from the APPLE iPhone Sales
and Marketing department.

If there EVER was a reason to get an iPhone, the
Blackberry 9300, as delivered to an unsuspecting public, is the ACE up the Sleeve...
Brilliant. Thousands of Royally Pissed off Blackberry users.
WIND dropped the Blackberry 9300, and immediately replaced it with the New and
Improved 9360,

and while I regret that they did not do this until AFTER I
made the mistake of getting the 9300, I was relieved to see the wretched 9300
finally GONE! What a relief. I am Canadian. I was born here. I speak ENGLISH.
I lived in Kitchener Waterloo. I really am impressed and pleased to see a
"CANADIAN" invention, like the Blackberry. I hope that RIM wakes up and gets
a bit of magic ** back. I have a friend who owns a FIDO outlet. 2 years ago, on the
display rack, there were 99% awful old cell phones with the PQRS7 buttons.
Awful. There was ONE Blackberry with the full QWERTY keyboard, and to anyone
in their right mind, it was worth extra money to get this feature. There would
be ONE iPhone with the touch screen. Now, ALL cell phones in the store (except 1! ) have
copied the iPhone touch screen or copied the Blackberry QWERTY keypad - so the
#1 reason to get a Blackberry is GONE.... There are copies that look so close,
at first glance, I can't tell them apart!

Certainly, the Blackberry "SERVER" with instant Blackberry to BlackBerry
communication, Blackberry Messenger "PUSH", "BBM" ) and Security are Missing,
but 95% of the general public don't even know it exists, and, worse, APPLE,
on the iPhone, is installing an exact CLONE of the Blackberry Server on their
Cellular Carrier Networks, so the difference in "Hidden" features, will diminish.

So, back to the BB9300 "FEATURES".. how about the wretched bouncing MENU?
The Menu constantly bounces up and down, when you do not want it too, not to mention
WHY? WHY WHY WHY, would you make the main menu disappear?

WORSE, ok, like
Microsoft continually changing the venerable OFFICE WORD continually, hiding icons,
changing menus, ADDING " NEW AND IMPROVED" "FEATURES" that infuriate and piss-
off the millions of "USERS" constantly, they at least provide some sort of hidden
obscure OPTIONS or PREFERENCES to get RID of the stupid new features... With the
Blackberry 9300, you CAN'T turn OFF the darned "New and IMPROVED" idiocies...

WORSE YET, when you scroll the main menu ( whenever it isn't hidden ) sideways a
bit TOO far, you get, MORE stupid menus, that you do not want and don't need,
and, again, there is NO WAY to get rid of the Menus, or re- arrange them in
EXACTLY the layout you, ( " YOU " ) ( the CUSTOMER ) want, so that you are constantly fighting
with the menus, which accidentally pop up and down, and sideways into MORE
duplicated MENUS, with ICONS that are mixed up, missing, added, in a complete
mess. Some people may "want" extra menu pages. I don't. Some people may
want magically disappearing menus that hide themselves. I don't. But, RIM, and
the wonderful team of experts have DECIDED, that, whether " I " the " USER " , the
" CUSTOMER " like it or not, I am bloody well stuck with this magical interface!
Like I said, the BB9300 is the most brilliant advertising tool I have ever seen -
for ANDROID and iPhone...
Let's take a LOOK, Closely at the hideous, wretched, UN-changeable MENU - noting
that the MENU is what the " CUSTOMER " sees, and uses, and associates with
the overall " EXPERIENCE " of any BlackBerry - and as such, is incredibly important
for such trivial things as SALES and MARKETING and such..
If you accidentally push the center button a tiny bit too much, the menu disappears.
DUH... Then , in trying to get it back, if your finger slides to the left, the
menu disappears again, to be replaced by, another, almost IDENTICAL menu,
with the ICONS all re-arranged. NOW, I can see how the brilliant engineers at
RIM would see that having a SECOND, IDENTICAL, MENU, with the same ICONS, simply
re-arranged, would really be a great advertising TOOL ! ( for the iPhone and ANDROID )
Note , in TINY print at the top, it states "FREQUENT", which, in a matter of
days is ... EVERY SINGLE button on the MAIN MENU! DUH..

If you scroll the center button more to the left you get...

Which is an empty folder, since, with a typical FREE MEMORY of 25 or 30 MEGS,
you cannot download ANYTHING- since the Blackberry 9300 continually generates
hundreds of errors, constantly complaining that there is NO MEMORY ! ! !
The "CUSTOMER" is terrified to download ANYTHING, as this will just make
the hundreds of "NO MEMORY" ERRORS ... WORSE
If you scroll the center button further to the left, you get...

another empty page, since again, you really, really, don't want to add anything
that takes up MEMORY, such as the stupid, TWO, not one, VIDEOs that play
every time the Blackberry 9300 turns on! You cannot access nor remove these
hideous memory hogs ( full screen videos with sound) while, as the Blackberry
turns on, and starts, it generates pop-up ERROR messages " MEMORY IS LOW"...

Then, If you move your finger on the main button to the left again, you
get and yet ANOTHER empty folder, FAVOURITES...

where, on a real cell phone,
you might put your favourite, wonderful APPLICATION DOWNLOADs, however,
on the BB9300, BRAND NEW,
out of the box, when I tried to download the FREE games offered by RIM
before Christmas, I got 3 downloaded, and on the 4rth, I got the ERROR
I quickly discovered that ANY activity on the BB9300 generated MEMORY ERRORS,
and I started deleting every thing I could possibly delete, to increase the
memory as much as possible. NO GOOD, I went from about 25 to 30 MEGS of
reported FREE MEMORY, to a maximum or 117 MegaBytes of FREE MEMORY

however, 10 Megabytes of software loaded, without my knowledge or permission,
and remained there, no matter what I do, lately, so that now I only have the present

the errors have INCREASED ! Who was the brilliant mind behind the
Operating System! At the time of purchase, there was NO installed SD Memory
card, and when I reported all the dozens of instantaneously generated
MEMORY ERRORS, I was told to buy an SD MEMORY CARD, which I did, - I tried
an 8 Gigabyte card at first, ( 8, 000, MegaBytes of RAM ) and it remained
entirely EMPTY, since the darned Blackberry 9300 IGNORES the chip entirely!
Absolutely NOTHING in the BB9300 DEVICE Software will go within a mile
of the SD MEMORY card, so that up to 32, thousand, million BYTES of
USER ADDED "SD CARD" is totally wasted! All the Blackberry 9300 DEVICE
software will do, is create a tiny bunch of useless EMPTY folders on the
SD card, which, as I discovered, the DEVICE Operating System promptly
IGNORES from that second onward! DUH....! Now I can see why RIM did
not even BOTHER to put in an SD card in the first place, as many other
manufacturers do...

OK, I am just getting started...

Let’s take a quick look at the BATTERY LIFE, or, lack of, thereof...
In the photo below, are 3 typical "smart Phones", first the wonderful,
old NOKIA E62. Then the BlackBerry 8700, then the BB9300.
Note battery sizes...

The Technology, of the BB9300, and the POWER of the chips, improves
with each generation, so the CPU ( Central Processor Unit ) computer
technology of the chip set used in the BB9300 USES 1/2 the power
of the NOKIA E62 while delivering about 4 TIMES as much speed and
capabilities! BUT... hmmm... look at the battery. The 8700 delivers
a LOT more processing speed and power, and uses much more sophisticated
chip technology that is designed to lower the POWER needed, but,
it has a tiny battery, which, in square inches, is about 1/2 the
NOKIA battery. Then, with a vastly more powerful chip set, and added
GPS ( Global Positioning Satellite mapping that reads signals from 2
or more orbiting satellites, and mathematically figures out where
the phone is located) and added BLUETOOTH (wireless (Big BLUE "IBM" created)
local device to device communication with other cell phones and printers
and speakers etc. ), and added Wi-FI ( Internet over wireless local
radio signals so you don't have to plug in an 8 pin Ethernet jack and wiring to
connect to the internet - available Free in places like Starbucks and
McDonalds ), and more memory, and more audio/Visual features, and
added CAMERA and VIDEO camera,... the 9300 battery, -- is the SAME
as the "old" 8700! Hmmm... Isn't that like putting in a Dodge Ram
V-12 Truck engine in a 3 cylinder SPRINT, and leaving a 3 1/2 gallon
gas tank? Sure, there is a HUGE increase in power, but where's the BEEF?
You can't put in power hungry features and a more powerful ENGINE,
and have the SAME old fuel source ( gas tank = battery )...
Talking to CELL PHONE DEALERS in the area, about the merits of the
9360, which has a new processor about TWICE as fast as the 9300, and
512 MEGABYTES of Memory, double, compared to 256 Meg on the BB9300,
and a newer, better high resolution camera, etc., they
say that " CUSTOMERS " complain bitterly that the 9360 battery life is
WORSE than the BB9300 - How can that be? Let's see, you put in an
ENGINE that is twice as big, with MORE FEATURES, and.... it still has
the same tiny battery.. hmmm.... Can " YOU " figure out why the BB9360
might have even WORSE battery life? ? ? ? ? I think a room full of
grade 6 students would get the answer to THAT question, but the brilliant
engineers at RIM seemed to have missed the POWER - TO - FUEL relationship!
This analysis may seem a bit LONG, but most of the REVIEWS and COMPLAINTS
about the 9300 /9360 / WIND /Blackberries etc. are like:
* Really great
* I luv it but battery doesnt last
* Cant get connected
* No dealer support
* goodest fone i ever got
etc. etc. etc. so while getting a teeny bit of input, they are rather
inane, brief to the point of obscurity, and totally non-technical...

The photo below, shows that, YES, there is room in the New and Improved
Blackberry 93XX series, for a much, much bigger battery, like the
NOKIA battery, by just re-arranging the plastic on the back of the
case... That is an easy FIX that could be done immediately to quell the
growing number of complaints..

Another "patch" and expensive way to immediately deal with the wretched BATTERY LIFE, is
to BUY MORE Battery Chargers and MORE Blackberry BATTERIES, which I did. You
can see them plugged into the POWER BAR, behind the computer I am typing this on...

So I would warn anyone thinking of purchasing the Blackberry 9300 to ADD in the
cost of EXTRA Battery Chargers, EXTRA Batteries, The Rubber case and Plastic
holder with the MAGNET, and other items like a BLUETOOTH headset, the
car charger, the car Bluetooth hands free speaker assembly, The 32 GIGA BYTE
SD memory card to "ADD" more ram to the 9300 (which the Device OS ignores! )
BELOW are 3 typical Cell Phone SD Memory cards, large, old on left, to new, small
type used in the Blackberry 9300, in a slot beside the battery.

Adding in all these missing "EXTRAS" starts to give a realistic "COST" of the
"low priced, affordable", 9300. I personally do not think the frustrations
of trying to "USE " this 'interesting' piece of technology, are worth the cost...

There are dozens of other obscurities and complexities and technical "WHAT?"s
involved in the Blackberry Operating DEVICE Software.... I will spare the
reader line by line details and photographs, but will condense the details to
a description: this is an incredibly complicated "CELL PHONE". It is NOT
like the "old" PQRS7 keypad type cell phones of "yesterday" (below)

It is, in fact, a hand held "Computer", giving it vastly increased capabilities.
Unfortunately, along with the great Power and Versatility, comes confusing
COMPLEXITY, to the point that setting up and choosing the CORRECT features and
programming OPTIONS is way, way, beyond the average user. Not a single typical cell
phone user I have talked to has any idea what the pages of technical details
are, or how to set them or make certain that the "settings are correct"

Not a single "expert" review even mentions that these complexities exist, while in fact,
the "USER" or "OWNER" or "CUSTOMER" is constantly presented with unlimited
pop up messages, detailing Device Operating System intricacies...

Thus, the USER ( "Customer" ) is completely dependent on the SERVICE PROVIDER,
(in CANADA: Wind, Rogers, Bell, Mobilcity, Fido, Koodo, Chat'r, Virgin, Solo,
SpeakOut, Petro, SaskTel, MTS, Videotron, Airtel, DMTS, ICE, LYNX, PUBLIC,
Sogetel, TBayTel, Brightrom, Cityfone, CityWest, Clearnet, DCI, good2go, KMTS,
KORE, MiKE, NorthernTel, Northwestel, Primus, Roam, SearsConnect ,
SimplyCOnnect, Talk&Earn, uWho, etc. NOTE: most of these are still owned,
operated, or connected to Rogers, Bell and TELUS!)
to properly set up the cell phone. This explains a great deal of the problem,
since, in the case of the BlackBerry, there are hundreds of different models,
in many languages, with EVERY different "Service Provider" demanding
DIFFERENT "features" and Programming... For example the Blackberry 9300 that
I have, has a screen display WIND when it starts up. (BELOW)

WHAT Software Engineer goes in and writes that
specific CHANGE to the standard software? RIM, or a programmer
at WIND? Then, in the normal "MAIN" menu, there is the WIND ICON,
which, when CLICKED opens a CONTACT and SUPPORT list,

When I talked to the MAIN "WARRANTY AND REPAIR" center representative, at the
Robson and THURLOW location, about all the dozens and dozens of problems,
he said that these were NOT "WIND" problems, but rather, "Blackberry" problems,
and that the ONLY "WIND" programming was the WIND ICON on the menu...
I found that particularly funny, since the programming on the WIND ICON
menu is DEFECTIVE, and even though I have re-flashed the BB9300 repeatedly,
and some of the software has CHANGED, even over 3 months, the WIND programming
remains DEAD - you cannot, for example, CONTACT WIND with the menu item
TEXT US - it is completely dead and will remove whatever you have typed in
TEXT after a few characters! I told the WIND TECHNICAL support Representative this,
and he said , " I have never used it"... DUH, well... no one else, including the
PROGRAMMER who wrote the software has used it... you would think someone would
bother to TEST the "TEXT US" function, but this obvously was not done!
AND, further to the 6 visits to the MAIN WIND store in all of British Columbia...
I was there because 6 different Customer Representatives in Cairo Egypt told me
to go there for support... 6 times I went there and was told that NO, you cannot
get any help here - you BOUGHT the BB9300 at a "Franchised" Dealer, and we
will only support "Corporate" purchases! DUH... I finally told the Corporate rep
at the store - could you please phone Egypt, and tell them NOT to send
customers to your location for no reason? He said he would. I had another technical
issue YESTERDAY, and the Cairo Representative told me to take the BB9300 to
the REPAIR and Warranty Outlet at Robson and Thurlow! Obviously the Robson outlet
Representative did NOT talk to anyone in Cairo at all! A female rep at ROBSON
told me that the support in Cairo "Had no idea of the situation in Canada" - well,
how about you pick up the phone and dial the FREE 1- (800) number and TELL THEM ! !
It seems that time-wasting, frustrating, needless, senseless, "run-arounds" have
been deliberately put in place by the Executive at WIND ! ? ! ? What is their point?...

And Further to the support in Egypt. They are very apologetic, very patient,
very determined to help... but, they know ONLY what they are TOLD, and what is on
the computer screen in front of them.... well... I immediately noticed that the
Blackberry 9300 HELP menu INSIDE the BB9300 itself was WRONG - the instructions,
(keeping in mind that there are dozens of models, dozens of languages, dozens of
Service Providers, and dozens of SOFTWARE DEVICE revisions ) clearly state to
go into "X" menu, click an ICON, and "X" will appear, etc. but the MENU was
changed 10 times since the HELP file was written!. Calling the 1- (800 ) to Egypt,
resulted in the same thing, as the poor ( I feel sorry for them ) customer
service rep would read instructions that were WRONG.... WRONG... Confusing,
and frustrating... I went online to and Blackberry FORUMS, and
searched for specific items in the set up and programming of the Blackberry 9300,
and again, I got dozens of conflicting "HELP" steps that DID NOT MATCH the
9300 ! They may have been correct on "THAT" 9300, In "THAT" country, on "THAT"
service provider, on "THAT" Device Software Revision Number, but they had NOTHING
to do with "MY" BB9300...
And Further to the Support in Egypt... Searching the internet for WIND problems,
I find dozens of articles on angry and upset Canadian Service Representatives,
hundreds of whom were trained to take the 1 - (800 ) service calls in CANADA, and
ALL FIRED, in favour of the office in Egypt... Not a good start to a complex
problem... Certainly, this would solve an immediate cash flow problem, but the
resultant long term result is a LOT of angry, upset, frustrated, Canadian "CUSTOMERS"...
People go on the WEB and search the INTERNET for REVIEWS, and COMMENTS and
NEWS about a company like WIND, BEFORE they decide to purchase a Cell phone, and
the resulting searches are not what I would consider "great advertising"...
If you combine the search for the recent problems with RIM and the Blackberry,
you really get a mixed stew of less than perfect advertising- which affects sales
and future growth...

1/ Blackberry should immediately STOP all sales of the 9300 - much to my amazement
and horror I just saw on TV, heard on the Radio, and saw in many printed papers,
ads by ROGERS and other carriers, for the 9300! BELOW:

BELOW is the ad for the Blackberry 9300 with VIRGIN Mobile in Canada,

BELOW, KOODO, Canada, 9300

I thought that that wretched misery was
DIS-continued! If RIM does NOT immediately write new Device software that
allows the 9300 to actually USE the available memory, and allows the " CUSTOMER" to
CHOOSE which hideous "FEATURES" can be deleted (like the full screen with sound
useless VIDEOS at the boot up of the BB9300), and which programs and ICONS and
MENUS can be deleted ( to free up the badly gutted memory ), then it will most
certainly get hundreds more frustrated angry unhappy customers, all of whom
will POST comments, and reviews, and worse, spew Word-Of-Mouth opinions about
Blackberry - all in all, NOT the swiftest move on the part of any Corporation,
that I can think of...
Useless folders in the Device Operating System, take up precious memory, but are
"LOCKED" so that they cannot be removed! The user is left with tons of unused junk,
which causes the Blackberry 9300 to quit, lock, reset, fail, and generate ERROR
messages.... like it or not- RIM has "decided" what "OPTIONS" take priority...
For example, how about 1.5 Million Bytes of PRECIOUS Memory taken up with
13 unused "PICTURES" ...

How about 3.7 MILLION bytes of Ringtones and sounds? I only NEED and WANT
about 3, and none of the ring tones are LOUD or Obnoxious enough to be heard when
I am in busy, noisy locations, so that I will have to find a replacement, anyway!

And here is a really useless waste of memory, -- a "Feature" that I have never used
on any cell phone in 25 years - but here, it is LOCKED, and beyond the "USER"'s
reach... These 55 silly little pictures, take up 96 thousand BYTES of memory !
Apparently ICONS are more important than "ERROR" MESSAGES ! !

Because of the constant ERROR MESSAGES, I don't have ANY Contacts on the
Blackberry 9300 AT ALL, since these would take up even MORE memory!
However, RIM has decided that for all the CONTACTS that I can't have, there are
lots of inane ICONS permanently at my disposal!
As well, there are dozens of "FEATURES" I do not want, and even worse than
simply " not using " them, I absolutely HATE them. Again there is no way to get rid
of these "FEATURES", that eat up valuable MEMORY.. On the menu, is a set
SUBSTITUTION. The SPELL CHECK program, thankfully, can be TURNED OFF,
however, the program, and the two "dictionaries" of words to "CHECK" cannot
be removed

I consider having a program which takes not only memory, but precious Processing
Power ( It slows down an already Over-Taxed Computer Processor), running
constantly in the background, CHANGING what I type, almost as bad as the
hideous "PREDICTIVE" Text "Feature" which, again, can only be turned OFF, but
never removed to gain more memory...
Thus, I can spend 15 minutes, individually deleting the stupid list of words :

But they are STILL Permanently in the Operating system, beyond "user" control.
The Program itself, the lists, and the EDITOR program, still sit there eating up memory:

If I ever did type in " MY NUMBER", I would be furious if the automated software
replaced it with " %P " ! ! ! ! What ever happened to WYSIWYG?
There are dozens of Operating System "Features" I would delete, instantly, if it meant
an end to the continual barrage of ERROR MESSAGES. !

2/ Re-design the plastic case on the back of the 9300 / 9360 / 93XX series to put in
a HUGE BATTERY... There are newer, better, higher amperage batteries out there...
This is a world wide issue... for Pete's sake FIX IT!, NOW...

3/ Give ({[ ME ]}) a replacement Blackberry, with all the new software that
allows me to delete all the crap, all the useless MENUS, all the useless VIDEOS,
all the useless ICONS, and the useless FEATURES, and that allows the BB93XX to
actually USE the memory available, instead of generating constant errors! AND,
is re-designed with a battery 2 1/2 times physically bigger, using state of the
art high amperage materials that deliver 33% more POWER for the same size...!
AND, that has HELP menus, IN the cell phone, ON LINE, and at the Service Support
desks that actually MATCHES the menus and features of the phone!
Then will I write a "new and Improved" Blackberry 9300 match...

Note the SIZE of the "New and Improved" 9300, compared to the "OLD" 8700
The 8700 had a bigger keyboard, which is MUCH easier to use, and has room for a
much bigger screen.

If I were making a NEW Blackberry "BETA", I would use the OLD 8700 SIZE, but
add the trackpad from the 9300, and add a simple touch NAVIGATION screen layer on the
screen, just to navigate the screen and CURSOR "separately" - something you cannot do
on the 9300, which is very time consuming and annoying...

The KEYS on the BB 'Beta' would be the LARGE, 'old' key sizes-- If Anything,
I would make them BIGGER! At a quick glance, the keys appear almost identical, but
the 'old' 8700 keys are incredibly easier to use. Sometimes "SMALLER" is NOT "BETTER".
There is a point at which, the cell phone gets so small, that businessmen are FIGHTING with the
the phone, rather than "USING" it. I suspect that one of the reasons that the Cell Tower
antenna reception, the Bluetooth reception, and the Wi-Fi reception on the typical Blackberry
are ROCK SOLID compared to many other cell phones, is that the typical Blackberry
"was" simply "bigger", and had more 'room' for larger, properly designed antennas inside
the plastic case. By trying to go "Thinner, Lighter, Smaller", to match the 'other' cell phones
RIM has, instead of making the Blackberry easier to use, made it more DIFFICULT to
use ( that's " USE ", not fight with )... Give me bigger, stronger, better, solid, easier, and
faster, any day, over teeny, tiny, lighter, fidgety, awkward, with poor battery, and poor

The Blackberry "BETA" as I 'want' it, would, on the BACK, have a BIG Battery,
and 9 or 10 or 12 or 15 SIM card holders, and be able to use ALL the WORLD 
frequencies, including Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, and North and South America, etc.
( Technical note: this requires chipsets to decode ALL the major frequencies used by
all the antenna towers for each of the major Cell phone Corporations... for example,
in CANADA, that would mean chipsets for ATT/ROGERS 'GSM' towers, BELL's
CDMA coded towers, TELUS frequencies, and for good measure, WIND frequencies!)

I am really FED UP with having to use a dozen Cell Phones, just to travel from one
place to another.... CELL Phone Companies "advertise" "WORLD PHONE", but
this is a Joke- in order to travel from one location to another, even in CANADA,
since Cell Towers in different areas use totally different frequencies, you are FORCED
to carry half a dozen cell phones! If you travel different countries, you have to ADD
another 6 or 7 Cell phones! There is NO SUCH THING as a "WORLD PHONE"!
(( Another technical note: in CANADA, since ROGERS/CANTEL 'split' from ATT
in the United States, I had to immediately buy a few United States, ATT cell phones,
since, in CANADA, on Canadian soil, even today, the large, powerful US cell towers
grab the cell phone signal, and greet you with a message, that "You do not have service
with this provider", or more recently, when I was on a Ferry Transport ship going to
Vancouver Island, you get an INCOMMING, Cell Phone CALL!... "Welcome to
ATT Cellular in the United States .... ", which, if you have a lot of Pay-as-you-GO
cell phones like I do, YOU PAY FOR! In the Toronto to Niagra Falls QEW highway
corridor, there are a dozen places where any Canadian, ROGERS GSM call, is picked
up by the U.S. carriers... --- My solution - just pick up a U.S. Cell phone, and make
a call, from Canada, to a Canadian number in Canada, using an American Cell phone,
on an American Cell phone Carrier! -- It often proves to be faster and cheaper than
"roaming, long distance, International, Prime Time" with a "Canadian" carrier! The same
thing occurs with other U.S. carriers, on other frequencies, so that a typical Canadian,
has to carry 3 Canadian cell phones to cover the 3 major frequencies, ( Rogers, Bell,
Telus ) and 3 U.S. Cell Phones, to cover the same 3 frequencies when the U.S. towers
overpower the Canadian towers, AND, more Cell phones for the smaller companies,
like WIND. The situation gets even MORE complicated if you travel, for instance, if you
have a TORONTO area code cell phone and are in VANCOUVER, and you are 1
block away from a shop [Your pictures are ready] many shops and services are NOT
equiped to make LONG DISTANCE CALLS - to Toronto, and you will NOT have
badly needed calls coming in! SOLUTION -- get a SIM card, or Cell Phone, that is
LOCAL !, and then everyone will call you - but, this means MORE cell phones, so that
in CANADA, you can easily carry 6 or more cell phones, just to travel! Ridiculous!
ONCE, just once, ATT GSM ( same as Rogers) in the United States, had a Cell Phone
with a 1-(800) NUMBER! I immediately got one at the local store in California, and
for the FIRST time, ever, anyone in North America could call " LOCAL" free.... But,
the plan was not popular, nor was it easy to use, so it was soon dropped, leaving me with
a new U.S. Cell phone that had been double locked by ATT [ a brick ] ! C'est la guerre.))

The great thing about the Blackberry BETA, is that you only have to make
ONE MODEL ! - as a bonus, -- The manual would actually match the phone!

The NEW SIM size allows room for many more SIMS inside a Cell Phone, as the typical
DUAL SIZED 'snap-out' SIM formats from FIDO, in North America, shows, BELOW:

I am seriously considering getting a SATELLITE phone, now that the price has dropped
from about $4000 U.S. to $600 to $800, and the monthly FEE has dropped from
$125 - $200 a month to ZERO, and the Price Per minute has dropped from $8.50
to Pay as You Go "prepaid" cards that load 100 minutes, 500 minutes, etc. up to
1000 or 2000 minutes, at very reasonable rates - you can "BUY" a Satellite phone,
put in a 1000 Minute card, and not worry about  FEES for a YEAR! At present,
you can get the pre-recorded message on many Cell Phones "There is NO SERVICE in
your location- Please move to an area where Cellular Coverage is available"......
I doubt I will ever get a similar message with a Satellite phone : "There is no Service
on this planet, Please move to a Planet with Satellite Coverage...."

The only limiting
factor at present, is that Satellite phones only have "ONE" carrier for regular cell
phone calls, when you have nearby, reliable, service, ( and it is usually the wretched
"qualcomm" manufactured chipset and antenna design, that, over 25 years, I have
decided to completely AVOID --poor quality! ) so that you STILL have to carry
6 or 7 regular Cell phones, each with different frequencies, if you want to "USE"
a Cell Tower that happens to be 'next' to you- If you combined the Blackberry BETA
World phone, as I want it, into a Satellite phone, you would, finally, after half a
century of waiting, "have" a phone that actually "WORKED" ! ! ! (what a concept)
If RIM ever manufactured the BETA/SAT, it would be the KILLER phone of the
the next decade! (You heard it here first!)

4/ As for WIND, well, oh my, there is not a single problem that they could not
fix quickly and easily - mostly caused by what is obviously a COMPLETE lack of
communication between management, the Franchise outlets, the Corporate outlets,
the Support in Egypt; as well as the programming and set up of the "WIND" ONLY versions of
the Blackberries ( and I will bet the same is true of other models of WIND cell
phones, just based on what I have experienced... ) I wish them LUCK and good fortune,
and will remain a customer unless forced to change... This has been a "learning
experience" -- It is a Chinese curse " may your life be interesting" and it
certainly has been "interesting". I hope that things change so that NEW "Customers"
quickly "USE" their Cell Phones, instead of "Fighting" with them...

As a Final note, RIM ( Blackberry) should really have a team of software specialists that
CHECK the "custom" programming of every Service Provider, before ALLOWING it to
be released on an un-suspecting "CUSTOMER" The defective "CONTACT WIND by TEXT"
programming is an excellent example of what should be eliminated! If an obvious,
easily tested, mistake in programming like that is completely overlooked and
un-tested, then what other, even WORSE, hidden flaws are there?
The Operating System, 6, is so hap-hazardly thrown together, it cannot even read simple
TEXT! Take a look at the garbage that it displays, from WIND Mobile's own website,
which is deliberately designed FOR "Cell" phones! (except new Blackberries? ? )

ABOVE, first, my "old" Blackberry 8700, which reads simple text perfectly, versus, on the right,
the "new and improved" Blackberry 9300, which consistently displays garbage. I can understand
an "OLD" cell phone or "some other" cell phone being incapable of reading "TEXT", but a new
Blackberry? As clearly demonstrated, on the identical page of TEXT, Blackberry had mastered
the huge, difficult task of reading ordinary text, YEARS AGO, but has released such a wretched ,
hastily thrown together, patched, "OS 6" version, that they neglected to even CHECK to see if it
could do the most basic, simple, tasks, without producing garbage!

Believe it or not, this is the SHORT version of the analysis of the Blackberry 9330
from WIND... There are dozens of other flaws and errors and behaviours. Some of these are
"real time" errors, such as a YOUTUBE video, which starts with a lengthy pause
displaying BUFFERING, which, I get, even on my WindowsXP computer, and that is
FINE, --the BUFFERING loads the video into MEMORY ahead of time, so that it does not
hiccup and stall and freeze while the VIEWER ( that would be ME ) is watching
the video. EXCEPT - on the BB9300, after the "BUFFERING" message, the video starts
for a few seconds, then breaks up into garbage pixels, broken choppy sound, and
skips from wretched frame to wretched bits and pieces of stop action video, and
continues what can only be described as GARBAGE....

When appears, it shows "PREVIOUS SEARCHES",
in this case, the ELLEN show. I have no idea WHO searched for this,
since I did NOT, however, ...Clicking on ELLEN gets,

a sizeable delay, since the system is slow,...

The only way to capture this
would be on a VIDEO clip, since it has to be seen to be believed. OLD Blackberries
with slower CPUs and LESS memory don't even behave this badly, but the NEW and
IMPROVED BB9300, in typical fashion, delivers this defective and annoying
bit of "Audio/Visual" frustration. There is NO specific "ERROR" message,-- the
video itself "IS" the error....

And finally, the 'customer' sees and hears chopped, broken, garbage...

I will take a video clip of a typical
playing on the BB9300, but it is beyond the scope of this Quick, and Simple version
of the analysis. If I wrote about every single problem I encountered, it would
be a book...


After spending a few days looking at PROFESSIONAL reviews on cell
phones by technical Web Sources, I now add the following typical list of almost
"specification" details... While the 'professional' reviewers delve into all the teeny
details of which features and controls are on the CAMERA ( which I have never
used), or on how easy it is to get on FACEBOOK, (Which I have never used--,
My opinion of FaceBook is well summed up below:)

So that while the "EXPERTS" borrow a Blackberry 9300, for a DAY, and delve into the
details of Twitter, or keeping track of their Music files, or Family photographs,
or talk about how many "BUTTONS" are on the camera,
there are absolutely NO details on the Operating system, the Device Programming,
and the many complex issues that you face if you were FORCED to deal with these
technical issues - as you would, if you OWNED the 9300, and had to try to keep
it actually "working". I believe that in order to do a proper review in the future, it is
necessary to USE the Cell phone under review, and ONLY that phone, for a month
or two, so that ALL the issues are apparent !

Perhaps, someday, once I get the BLACKBERRY 9300 to actually WORK, I will
start to look at the frivolous toys like Facebook, Twitter, the Camera, etc...

Every REVIEW web site I look at demands a list of PROs and CONs, so here are a few:

1/ The Blackberry 9300 delivers the years of solid manufacturing and research from
RIM (Research In Motion) in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, such as hidden
features like SECURITY and the Blackberry (only) Server that allows any Blackberry
to instantly communicate with any other Blackberry, by using a "PIN" number located under
the battery of every Blackberry. Thus, a BB user can send what "looks like" a text message
but it is delivered instantaneously from one Blackberry to another. On THIS texting issue
ROGERS Cellular, on the other hand, has been practicing DoS ( Denial of Service ) with
texting over the regular Cellular Network, in complete contrast to Blackberry PIN "Pushing"
(sending an instant BB message ). For over a YEAR, on many of my ROGERS ( or affiliated
carriers like FIDO, PetroCanada, 7/Eleven SpeakOut, etc. ) cell phones, ROGERS will
WITHHOLD all text messages, all day, and deliver them at random times, hours later, or, worse,
ALL at ONCE at 11:00 at night. My phone will ring, "Text Message", ring, "Text Message",
ring, "Text Message", ring, "Text Message", ring, "Text Message", ring, "Text Message", ring,
"Text Message", ring, "Text Message", ring, "Text Message", ring, "Text Message", ring,
"Text Message", etc. until all the text messages are finished for the DAY.
They will have the CORRECT date and TIME
stamp, such as 9:14 AM, 10:45 AM, 12:06 PM, 1:16 PM, 2:45 PM, 3:35 PM, etc.
It is really interesting to get a TEXT message from ROGERS like " I am at the airport 1/2 hour
early, meet me at ARRIVALS. 11:15 AM " delivered at 11:00 AT NIGHT! I now tell
people in critical situations like this DO NOT TEXT ME- PHONE ME INSTEAD so that
I actually "GET" the message!
Since I am alwys looking for an "explanation" for bizarre circumstances, I duly NOTE that
many of my cell phones with the vast ROGERS NETWORKS, cost either FREE texting,
or 15 CENTS ($00.15 U.S.Dollars) per text. However, on the same phones, the minimum
TALK TIME, issued on a PER MINUTE ( talk for 12 seconds- ONE FULL MINUTE! ),
at a cost of $0.45 to $0.90 PER MINUTE.... Also, on the issue of charging FULL MINUTES,
ROGERS pulls another dirty trick, in that, when they started jacking up the costs to users,
I had been in the practice of TIMING each call, and hanging up BEFORE the full minute was
near the 60 second mark- typically 55 SECONDS, and therefore was charged only "ONE"
Minute. Then. suddenly, a few years ago, I would hang up at about 55 SECONDS, and be
charged TWO FULL MINUTES ! ! ! I called immediately to ROGERS Support, and asked
"WHY?" since my cell phone very accurately timed exactly 55 seconds... They stated that while
my cell phone Connected, and hung up in 55 seconds, the "CELLULAR NETWORK" was
active LONGER, and I was being charged for this unknown, undocumented, unquantified,
mysterious "Network TIME"... so I started to hang up at 50 SECONDS, and this worked for
a few months, and then, again, I was charged TWO FULL MINUTES... so I hung up 12 seconds,
and finally 13 seconds BEFORE the 60 second mark ... Thus, on a $0.90 PER MINUTE CALL,
ROGERS makes $1.80 - INSTEAD OF the $0.15 TEXT that I really wanted to send in the first place....
Do that dirty trick with 1 Million typical Canadians, and ROGERS makes an instant 1,000,000 times
$1.65 per day.... or $1,650,000 Dollars a DAY, since customers all say to each other "DO NOT TEXT,
-- CALL instead, to make sure I actually GET the message! ! ! ! " That's x 30 = $49,500,000.00
extra revenue every MONTH x 12 months = $594,000,000.00 a YEAR in needless "CALLS", that
Canadians are FORCED to make, to ensure that important messages actually are DELIVERED!
This problem is SOOOooooo..... wide-spread that I know
one friend here in Vancouver who is throwing away a $400 ANDROID with ROGERS, and
getting a new Cell Phone ( $600 Android) with another Carrier ( NOT Rogers! ). The
other carrier's frequency is NOT the Rogers GSM, so they are FORCED to get a
new cell phone. 2 other friends of this person are also getting RID of ROGERS -
for the SAME reason!. I have called ROGERS Service a number of times, and on the last call,
the Customer Representative told me that these DELAYED texts were happening to
her and her friends! (5000 miles across Canada, in New Brunswick!) ROGERS practices
DoS on its own staff! In the PAST couple of months, Rogers has pulled a NEW
twist on this, in that the text messages are delivered 2 hours, 4 hours,
6 hours LATER or whenever... BUT, ROGERS has gone in
and FALSIFIED the Time and DATE STAMP! ! !  , so that the message comes in " Pick me
up at the AIRPORT now, plane arrived early. 11:00 PM " but it was actually sent a NOON!
Talk about a dirty trick! I photograph the SENDER'S cell phone screen that SENT the
message, and then I photograph MY Cell phone screen, and keep an archive of
deliberately sabotaged TEXT messages! The Blackberry "PIN PUSH" avoids this
problem. ( Houston, we have a PROBLEM.... ROGER that. - pun intended.) Typical Cell phone
"USER" s are totally un-aware of the technology BEHIND a Blackberry, unfortunately,
and may get any 'other' cell phone that "LOOKS" like a Blackberry, based on
appearances, rather than HIDDEN features.... too bad....
Want to go for Breakfast - sent at 9:44 AM, BUT... Rogers falsifies the TIME stamp
so that the "CUSTOMER" (that would be me) "sees" it sent at 10:37. ! ! ! 
Needless to say, the person FINISHED breakfast before I even GOT the TEXT!

In a fast paced world, getting text messages - HOURS after they were sent is
a scenerio from HELL... the number of screw ups this causes is unbelievable!

A "REAL" Blackberry fixed this problem 25 years ago!
A Blackberry "only" separate computer, sends and receives BBM (Blackberry Messenger)
messages "Instantly", so that you actually "get" messages that have been sent...!

2/ The Blackberry 9300 has just about every imaginable NEW feature that you could
ever want in a new "Smart Phone". GPS Mapping so you can use hundreds of software
programs to put a dot on a map to show you where you are, read your speed and
direction if driving, make a list of "points" in your travel, such as hiking on a forest trail-
follow the points BACK and you are safely back at the start! Bluetooth, ( IBM was called
Big BLUE from the blue IBM logo, and IBM developed the short range radio frequency
communication system, hence, BLUE Tooth,) that allows you to communicate from your
Cell phone, DIRECTLY to a tiny headphone/microphone in your ear, so you can use
your Blackberrry 9300 "hands free while driving. You can "TELL" your Blackberry to
pick up a call, hang up, or even DIAL someone, since the Blackberry has VOICE
Recognition built in! You can connect directly to a another CELL phone or another a
laptop or home computer, to upload and download photographs and MEDIA, and
instantly connect to hundreds of other devices that have BLUETOOTH on them...
Wi-Fi or WIRELESS INTERNET, so that you can connect to the World Wide Web in any
location that has a Wireless ROUTER set up. Most HOME Internet providers now include
Wireless on the internet "modem" so that in your home, your Blackberry 9300 can
simply browse the Internet, ( Not using the Cellular Provider's Cellular tower ).
Hundreds of Stores and Retail outlets now provide FREE internet Wi-Fi, such as
MacDonalds Restaraunts, Starbucks Coffee, even grocery stores like SafeWay !
VIDEO AND STILL CAMERA is included, so that you can capture photographs and
full Sound and Animation Videos, anywhere, anytime, instantly. These can be sent
instantly anywhere around the world - to your friends and family, and even to your
home computer!
3/ The keyboard on the 9300 is the standard, well thought out Blackberry "QWERTY"
typewriter keyboard, that made it a World Leader in Cell phones, many years ago.
Any Cell phone user will immediately appreciate the full keyboard, compared to the
wretched PQRS7 key- types of yester-year. It does take a bit of practice to learn
shifting from NUMBERS to Capitals and SYMBOLS, but the effort is well worth it.
The viewing screen windows is navigated by a solid state OPTICAL touchpad, that,
unlike, the older Blackberry round, moving, track BALL, which rolled under your
finger, this new trackpad cannot clog with dust. I have used dozens of "CLONE" qwerty
keyboards, put out by every other cell phone company, and the care and precision of the
Blackberry design teams, still, after all these years, ensure that the Blackberry keyboard
is superior. It simply "feels" better, and works better. The flat, tin buttons on many other
cell phones make them "Thinner", but they pay the price in user- freindliness!
4/ The microphone and the SPEAKER are extremely well designed, as conversations
on both ends of a phone call are crisp and clear. The Speaker can be set to be LOUD,
and it really is - just that. Playing Software such as VIDEOS or GAMES or APPLICATIONS
which make sounds, is user friendly, and the Blackberry 9300 gets full marks for
excellent design in this department.
5/ The years of experience and excellent research at RIM has resulted in Cellular Antenna
designs, which, in the 9300, are rock solid. Unlike some of the Apple iPhones ( I have a
few friends with these ) that have a really poor antenna design that is blocked by the
User's HAND just holding the phone, the Blackberry 9300 layout gives you amazingly
solid reception. I have never noticed decreased reception - no matter how it is held. The
Wi-Fi antenna is amazing, picking up any nearby internet solidly and reliably, and the
BLUETOOTH antenna connects to any nearby device equally well. The time that RIM
takes to ensure that these critical components are the BEST, pays off ! Blackberry users
don't even THINK about signals, ( as I do with many of my other cell phones, which
have poor antennas ), since they just plain "work".
6/ With all the dozens of high end features on the Blackberry 9300, I would definitely
recommend it to people who want to upgrade from an "old" PQRS7 type of cell phone,
to a new "SMART PHONE". The excellent full keyboard, the GPS, the Wi-Fi, the
Bluetooth, the large, bright screen, the dust-free, reliable trackpad, the Blackberry
SERVER support, advanced communication, and security; the full motion Video and
still Camera, the SD Memory CARD upgrade path that adds an amazing
32 GIGABYTES of RAM , the FAST and reliable Internet capability over the high,
speed Cellular Network, and the thousands of Downloadable APPLICATIONS and
GAMES, and Ring Tones, and Wallpapers, and Photos and Music, etc. certainly make
a Blackberry appear as a tremendous UPGRADE from a typical, traditional, older model!
7/ The BLACKBERRY 9300 is truly a "SMARTPHONE" in that it is really an entire
hand held COMPUTER, and like any computer, it can be continually "upgraded" with a
new "operating System". Anyone familiar with a typical 'home' computer is aware that
"IBM" "PC" type computers, have new operating systems every few years, such as
Windows 95, which was replaced with Windows 98, which was replaced with Windows ME
which was replaced with Windows XP, which was replaced with Windows VISTA, which
was replaced with WINDOWS 7... The Blackberry 9300 is the same, and so far, I have
had 3 different Operating Systems on my 9300, in 3 months! These "DEVICE SOFTWARE"
programs are loaded using the BLACKBERRY DESKTOP MANAGER, in conjunction with
the Blackberry DEVICE Downloader. This fantastic software allows you to upload and  
download not only new operating systems, but photographs, Videos, Sound clips, MUSIC,
wallpapers, MEMOs, Calendar Schedules, etc. from and to your home computer!

1/ The Blackberry 9300 delivers the years of solid manufacturing and research from
RIM (Research In Motion) in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, such as hidden
features such as SECURITY and the Blackberry (only) Server -- which means that
the typical USER is given PAGES of Menus of settings and complex choices, that
appear as jibberish, and they have no idea how to ensure that the hundreds of settings are
actually CORRECT - for "THEM" , the "USER" 's... Cellular PROVIDERS go
in and "CHOOSE" what "They" (the Corporations) want, and the settings and features
the Corporations choose may NOT be what the "Customer" would want if they understood
the entire system... Some of the SETTINGS and Programming of the Blackberries
by "Providers" is flawed. The "Customer" is stuck with the flaws, with no recourse to
fix them, and indeed, may not know that the flaws are there, or that they CAN BE fixed!
Since years of leading edge research and features are HIDDEN, typical cell phone
users can easily choose "any other" Blackberry clone, because it "LOOKS" the same!
2/ The Blackberry 9300 has just about every imaginable NEW feature that you could
ever want in a new "Smart Phone". However, with typically 25 or 30 MegaBytes of
available ram, and an OPERATING SYSTEM that denies access to all the available
memory, and worse, denies access to the user added 32- Thousand- Million- Byte memory
card, the Blackberry 9300 almost instantly runs out of memory and generates errors
if you actually try to USE it... The OS (version is bloated with unnecessary "features",
such as TWO full screen Animated VIDEOS with sound, that play every time you start it! --
that the USER CANNOT remove!
"Features" like this use up precious memory, and prevent you from USING most of the
incredibly powerful features of the phone...! Users of THIS cell phone will have to use the
CLEANING icon, the Security Wipe Menu, constantly REMOVE the battery and SIM card
to RESET the phone, and deliberately put in the password wrong to perform a complete
deep, memory wipe and re-start. Oh joy. I think Molly Maid may sue RIM for job description

3/The keyboard on the 9300 is the standard, well thought out Blackberry "QWERTY"
typewriter keyboard, that made it a World Leader in Cell phones, many years ago,
but it is slightly smaller, and has a much lighter touch - this is
fine for teenagers and nimble fingered younger executives, but for ladies with fashionably
long finger nails, and older EXECUTIVES, and 'old farts' like myself, the extremely
light touch and smaller crowding is a step backwards. I personally would like, in the
SAME space now used, slightly larger keys with a MUCH stronger CLICK to
notify you that the key was pressed. I have had to go into the settings, and change the
timing of the keys to the slowest possible setting, and still make double entry mistakes, no press
at all mistakes, two characters beside each other mistakes, Held TOO long to TURN TO 
CAPITAL MODE mistakes, etc. etc., so that "smaller, lighter, and faster" does not
work for me. The same model, built in a slightly LARGER case with bigger, heavier
keys, would appeal to a great many people! As well, the new and improved TOUCH
Track Pad, while no longer clogging with dust, is sloppy at best, and over-shoots, under-
shoots, and often does NOT respond AT ALL, since it is a SOFTWARE driven device,
and the Operating SYSTEM can be busy, and severely over-loaded doing calculations, so it
ignores the trackpad sometimes for annoyingly long intervals. There is no indication on
the Blackberry 9300 that the "system is busy" so the USER, (that would be me) can
waste frustrating seconds re-swiping the trackpad, with no response, repeatedly, for
no reason, until the computer finally "looks" at the trackpad. It "Appears" to the user
that the trackpad "dies" intermittently, which is Frustrating - needless frustration. On
a typical Microsoft WINDOWS computer, "extreme" care is made to give the 'MOUSE"
the highest priority, so this illusion does not appear to the USER... Generally I am
getting USED TO the new keyboard, and am getting better. The other note on the
wonderful Blackberry keyboard, is that every OTHER cell phone manufacturer has
copied it, so the "Exclusive" keyboard is now a-dime-a -dozen.. EVERY cell phone.
now has a full QWERTY type of keyboard...
4/ The microphone and the SPEAKER are well designed, but unfortunately, since
the extreme lack of MEMORY generates chopped, annoying, garbage when playing a
typical YOUTUBE video etc. , -- the really LOUD, clear, volume is extremely bad.
Again, the lack of memory means that you can't download games and applications
that USE sound, so that the well designed sound features are strictly limited to talking
during a phone call... I don't use, want, or NEED the Voice Recognition Software
that allows you to TELL the Blackberry 9300 to Make a Call, Hang up a Call, etc.
and I have no way to REMOVE this, and other un-used features from the phone,
to create more memory, so that I can USE the phone for features that " I " (the
customer ) want to use... Instead, the Blackberry 9300 just generates endless
ERROR MESSAGES. Thus, the excellent designs of the speaker and microphone
are essentially wasting away; -- my first BRICK, Bell cellular phone, decades ago,
had a microphone and a speaker....! ( imagine that!)
5/ The years of experience and excellent research at RIM has resulted in Cellular Antenna
designs, which, in the 9300, are rock solid. Unfortunately, this would require, that the
Cell Phone "PROVIDER", such as ROGERS Cellular, or WindMobile, actually
supplies reliable Cell Phone Tower Signals, in the first place. I got off a plane at the Vancouver
airport, on the last flight of the evening, at about 1:30 in the morning in the pitch dark of
night. My ROGERS, Blackberry 8700, had a FULL BATTERY charge, so I turned
it on, and, being tired and hungry, went to the 24 hour Tim Hortons in the Airport. Only
the night crews and a few stragglers were there, and when I collected my luggage and
went outside, I was the ONLY person in sight. I dialled the local YELLOW TAXI, that
I pre-programmed into my Blackberry, and got the ROGERS ERROR MESSAGE
"CELLULAR NETWORK IS BUSY", and had NO Cellular Service for over 25 minutes.
I feel like a character out of the TV ads... you know the ones- were the poor guy tries
to make a call, and gets NO SERVICE, and he looks up to see everyone around him
using their cell phones! What Irony. Hilarious. I gave up and went inside and used
a PAY PHONE to call the cab!
I have been in many REAL situations where the CELLULAR NETWORK IS BUSY
-- such as the Auction of thousands of parked storage trailers and containers in Los Angeles
at a Storage Company that had to re-locate when Highway 10 was extended. I had 6
cell phones with various carriers, and they were all DEAD, as I looked around me at
many, many, hundreds of people - all talking on their cell phones! I had to try repeatedly to
grab a free frequency - the second someone hung up a call! However, out in the middle
of nowhere, with no one in sight, on an island, surrounded by square miles of empty fields,
late at night... there is no excuse to see "CELLULAR NETWORK IS BUSY" !

Now anyone would ask, "Why didn't you use your
WIND Blackberry 9300, since it is on another FREQUENCY, with another carrier, WIND,
and likely would NOT have generated the ERROR MESSAGE! That would be true,
--- IF the battery was not dead.... Even then, at THAT time, Wind was experiencing
complete Cell Tower failures on a regular basis - something that I believe has been 'mostly'
fixed, since I have not gotten any reports recently of outtages in Vancouver. Time will Tell.
AS well, Rogers is consistently NOT delivering even simple TEXT messages over their
network, so regardless of how well the design of the antenna on the cell is manufactured,
it is only as good as the Cell Tower signal - if it is even SENT at all! You would have thought
the Cellular Corporations would have figured these details out, a LONG time ago!
WIND is experiencing the SAME problems as did BELL, TELUS, and ROGERS, in
ironing out all the " START UP" problems. Every aspect of the entire system is "BRAND
NEW" and in many ways, the fact that it works as well as does is close to a miracle!
I get errors from every source imaginable, as things hiccup, here and there... - for example,
tyring to go to the WIND MOBILE HOME PAGE on the internet, can be interesting...

Using a desktop computer to look at the website, also results
in errors...

However, one by one, I expect all the kinks to be worked out - I hope....

6/ Even with all the dozens of high end features on the Blackberry 9300, I can definitely
ONLY recommend it to people who want to upgrade from an "old" PQRS7 type of cell phone,
to something a BIT better. And then, ONLY if they are occasional, light, users.
ANYONE who has any experience with new Smartphones AT ALL, should avoid this model
since the severe lack of memory and bloated, inefficient Operating System, destroys the
ability to USE any of the wonderful FEATURES to any extent! Experienced users who want
to USE the full power of smartphone features should spend a few more dollars, and get a higher
end Blackberry, with MORE MEMORY, and more advanced chipsets.
The Battery life is lack luster at best, -- particularly if you try to USE high end features,
and the levels of frustration cancel out any increase in user friendliness. If the battery
were replaced with a higher capacity version, or a bigger one with a bulging back case
battery cover, or a replacement back body plastic that had a bigger opening,
to accomodate a much larger , higher amperage, higher efficiency battery, then this
problem, reported on web sites around the world, would be eliminated. If the Operating
System is repaired to get rid of BLOAT, and re-designed to USE whatever memory is
available, it may, in the future turn out to be a solid little unit. As it is... buyer beware!
The excellent full keyboard, the GPS, the Wi-Fi, the
Bluetooth, the large, bright screen, the dust-free, reliable trackpad, the Blackberry
SERVER support, advanced communication, and security; the full motion Video and
still Camera, the SD Memory CARD upgrade path that adds an amazing
32 GIGABYTES of RAM , the FAST and reliable Internet capability over the high,
speed Cellular Network, and the thousands of Downloadable APPLICATIONS and
GAMES, and Ring Tones, and Wallpapers, and Photos and Music, etc. are rendered
totally USELESS, since there is not enough Operating System memory to support them.
On dozens of technical websites that I go to, Blackberry has an ad campaign bragging
about how a Blackberry is the perfect "TOOL" for business... Hmmm...

The Blackberry 9300, with its clearly defective Operating system, Bloated with sales and
marketing ploys ( the two, full amimation and sound videos that play every time you turn it on!),
is, in its present form, clearly a " TOY ",-- the very thing that RIM is bragging about
"other cell phones" being in comparison. I agree with the Martinez brothers, --I want a TOOL.
not a TOY... HOW about, since the OS 6 is fully upgradeable and programmable,
FIXING IT, instead of spending money in vain trying to convince people to buy one?
The "ORIGINAL" Blackberries, in 'days of old' SOLD THEMSELVES... they were clearly
better and more powerful than any other cell phones, .... they did not NEED 2 entire animated
videos, with sound, playing, every time the user turned them on...
7/ The BLACKBERRY 9300 is truly a "SMARTPHONE" in that it is really an entire
hand held COMPUTER, and like any computer, it can be continually "upgraded" with a
new "operating System". Unfortunately, every bit of software I have used on a dozen different
computers, running Windows XP and Windows 7, is confusing, bizzare in its installation and
use, error- prone, and WAY beyond the abilities of the typical "Home Computer USER".
I have an UBUNTU computer set up deliberately to AVOID the well known spam and VIRUSES
associated with " WINTEL"  systems, however, in searching the website, and
the Internet, it appears that RIM/Blackberry neither MAKES, nor SUPPORTS the 'solid'
LINUX, FREE, Operating System, and further research I have done, finds "after Market"
linux attempts to interface Blackberries to UBUNTU, or other Linux computers, which have
all been DELETED from the Internet ! ! ! Thus the "typical HOME user" is stuck with an obfuscated,
obtuse, circuitous, bizzare, installation, setup, and use, of the current Windows and BB9300 Device
systems... I bet, that if I went into a typical Shopping mall, and randomly asked people if they
would accept $100 dollars to just install, and update the Blackberry 9300 software, on a
Windows XP or a Windows 7 computer, set up and running, in front of them, I would be
there for a week, and not one single person would succeed.! Most of the people I know cannot
go into the SETTINGS and OPTIONS of the phones they OWN and use everyday, and navigate
the menus to correctly choose the settings - they just "use" whatever settings the
manufacturer and the "Cell Provider" pre-set, at the time of purchase! Be forewarned!
I have seen "other" corporations fall into the CONTROL of the "Sales and Marketing"
"CORPORATE-Suites-and-Ties, and it appears that RIM has fallen into the same sleazy
operating procedures... They have two professional Comedians, now "TRASHING"
anyone who voices any opinion AGAINST the venerable Blackberry, - but the effect
is the exact OPPOSITE! Instead of FIXING the obvious, glaring, flaws and problems, for example,
readily apparent in the wretched Blackberry 9300 Operating System ( I am still waiting...)
the sales and marketing gurus have decided that a pathetic ad campaign will work, instead...( ? )

I have been waiting for MONTH to see what these Professional Comedians have to say...
So let's take a LOOK...

Obviously AMIR is being honest in the iPhone Tweet ABOVE, and the good Sales and
Marketing people at RIM certainly are fulfilling his personal goals...
I, as a Blackberry user, just wonder WHO is giving the Sales and Marketing people

Amir and Streeter have CLEARLY demonstrated to the WORLD, which Cell Phone
delivers the "TOOLS" that they need to get work done... ( hint, it is NOT Blackberry!)
             ( "I am not amused"... as one famous person once said...)
At the WIND Mobile Corporate Center, I asked if there was any "upgrade" path for the
9300, for example to the new 9360 that they now offer, and I was told "NO", ... I asked
what to do with the "OLD" 9300, if I bought a new Blackberry, ( that actually "WORKS"),
and the Support Rep said, "throw it out, or give it to a kid"... but any kid would immediately
go on the Internet, and start trying to "USE" the Smartphone features, and would discover
that it won't work, in a few hours.
The kid would be so disgusted and frustrated, that they would throw it away, themselves!
I sincerely hope that there is a software upgrade that allows this 9300 to "work", soon...

PROS and CONS added February 10th.

(litotese, synechdoche, onomatopeia, hyperbole, pathetic fallacy, anthropomorphism,
personification, similie, sarcasm, irony, malapropism, metaphor, metonymy, rhetoric,
OPINION, and noun in opposition * offered free)
AND, Yes, this is still the "SHORT" review... readers would dread the LONG, FULL
* And ,yes, any educated person will expect to see "apposition" but I often deliberately
CHOOSE the un-expected.... since, in this case, I am forced to take A POSITION on this,
I do mean OPPOSE, since I am in OPPOSITION to
the cheap tricks of sales and marketing taking precedence over solid engineering and
solid value.


Robin Dusty Graves

OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada

February 20th, 2013
( Updated occasionally )


This lastest tiny update is just a quick change of the "listed" address, with a few tiny remarks
and alterations. I "HAVE" been using the BB9300, here in Ottawa, to TEST how it, and
WIND and Blackberry have changed or improved. WIND is steadily getting more reliable,
but Blackberry seems to have just abandoned the 9300 and its software issues, since the
the same problems exist.
With the new Z10 cellphone release, things are looking very bright for Blackberry,
and I can't wait to get my hands on the as-of-yet unreleased Q10... I do not think there is
anything at all wrong with the HARDWARE of the BB9300, -- it just needs a quick shuffle
in the SOFTWARE. Clear out all the unnecessary garbage that hogs precious memory. Kindly
"ALLOW" customers, BB9300 OWNERS ( that would be me ) to delete useless "FEATURES"
like a program that impedes and slows down every press of a button by analysing the spelling!
or garbage collection files ( On a BLACKBERRY home screen, press and hold ALT, then
type L G L G, and see the thousands of useless files collected. Press the Blackberry berry button,
and choose CLEAR, to free up huge MEGABYTES of needed space! ) The software
should, in its SETUP, have a list of Hideous Features that you can REMOVE, right from the
start.... Then, the management of the RAM and file caching should be improved...
I have taken a HUNDRED or so more photographs of strange and annoying "FEATURES" in
other parts of the 9300 use, and may detail these at some point. There should be a way to
make a new FOLDER on the main page that is labelled "DOES NOT", where you can put in
all the ICON Buttons that, unlike what they are labelled, DO NOT work! ... Or ( if you are at
Blackberry, and have access to the software code), just tweak
the OS on the 9300 so that the buttons (the SOFTWARE, ) "DOES" actually work...





REGISTRANT     NAME    :           
                 robin dusty graves        



                   1 (780) -807 -0217

                   1 (613) - 717 -2777

 207 Bank Street #206 Ottawa, Ontario
 Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2N2




Because illegal hackers have decided to spam the name " robin dusty graves"
or " robindustygraves "
I have decided to use the same tactics that they use, and load my REAL web pages
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As it now stands, searches are re-directed illegally and maliciously by spammers,
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 The fake web pages re-direct to pornography, PAY-PER-CLICK websites, that
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CLICK HERE to continue Scanning, and Remove the VIRUS" - If you click on ANYTHING,
--the little "X" in the top corner to close, the box on the bottom that states "CLOSE", --
any action besides CTRL-ALT-DELETE ( to bring up the Windows Task Manager, to
CLOSE your Browser entirely! ) it will download a virus that generates a continual barrage of
fake VIRUS warning alerts, that demand Visa and Mastercard to remove- If you are foolish
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 Many fake web  re-directions take you to a page that appears to "LOAD" for a long time
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gathered, and by the time the fake web page actually loads, often with a FAKE web
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subject to further hacking from that point onwards...


Dusty Graves


(( robin dusty graves ))


(( robindustygraves ))


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(( gravitationalresearch ))


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Real Science is a fascinating subject, unlike the decades of what was taught in schools that

I endured, that tries to KILL every shred of imagination, of hope, of possibility, and instead,

fills the time with memorizations of WHAT CAN NOT BE DONE!

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light...

Nothing can get colder than absolute zero.

Matter can neither be created nor destroyed... etc etc.

(ALL wrong! -- search "Richard Feynman" for a lecture on this...)

**Clarke's Three Laws are three "laws" of prediction formulated by the British writer
                Arthur C. Clarke. They are:

1/ When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost
       certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
2/ The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them
          into the impossible.
3/ Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

(thanks to wikipedia)

With the String theory, and new discoveries of the last few years, we are on the brink of

an entirely new era - and I can't wait to see what happens next! This is a wondrous and

magical time, with the doors of science wide open again - and the view is breathtaking!

have fun

Robin Dusty Graves

Burning WATER (h2O) instead of gasoline in your car:

Remote Control "MUTE" button for BIRDS (Every Female must read! ) :

A growing number of INVENTIONS I have developed over the years:

How to take an Obsolete old computer, like an 8088, 8086, 80186, 80188, 80286, 80386 etc,

and old discarded electronics, to build a FREE, home -made robot and controller:


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BIRD_BRAINZ - a page that shows
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BIRD_BRAINZ ( and assist and
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((so you are male and color blind
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All typical SPAMMED articles have
LINKS    below ! was registered, and
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etc. had the user " kibotz" registered,
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Any search in a Search Engine that
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   robin dusty graves

 REGISTRANT  email : 
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 Registrant ADDRESS:
 207 Bank Street, #206
 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  K2P 2N2

 1 - ( 780 ) -807 - 0217
 and 1 - ( 613 ) - 717 -2777

 "Company " listed is:























ABOVE: An interesting look at colours, birds,
dinosaurs, girls, and DNA, as well as "seeing"
magnetism, and "invisible" ELECTROMAGNETIC
RADIATION spectrums. All females must read !






     DELIBERATELY MANUFACTURED Flaws, Hidden Back-Doors,
     Secret Master Keys, Defects, etc., in ALL typical locks sold in
     North America.

     In Canadian common SLANG, " B AND E" stands for the hourly
     BREAK AND ENTER crime that happens in every location
     from sea to shining sea, across the Nation.
     This will be an on - going look at the HORRID state of affairs of
     so-called "LOCKS" and Security, commonly used all over North
     America. Simply put, ANY locking system in North America is
     deliberately manufactured with well known flaws, exploits, tricks,
     secrets, etc., so that anyone who BOTHERS to type into Google
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     and, really, . . . . you actually CAN DO SO !
GOOGLE/ is a page about
     one of my first ROBOT models, used to interface
     to a typical (in order of manufacture)
     8086, 8088, 80186, 80188, 80286, 80386
    type of computer that was thrown out by
    the millions.
GOOGLE was very simply designed
    with few parts, and few wired connections,
    to test the INTERFACE to the typical 80186
    computer I was using.  Since thieves here
    in Ottawa stole my 2 Desktop computers,
    adding information on this robot, will be
    slow and sporadic! Stay tuned ! There will
     be many pages detailing GOOGLE_MAPS,
    and GOOGLE_TRANSLATE, as well as the
    robot GOOGLE itself.
    This motherboard uses the INTEL 80186
    which hundreds of HIGH-END manufacturers
    produced. These were more expensive
    and powerful than the typical home computer.
    Kids and inexperienced Computer people
    will tell you that there is no such thing as
     an IBM type 80-186 computer ! ( weren't
    there, didn't see it, didn't do it !  lol )
     I still HAVE this motherboard. Luckily, it
    was not in storage where over a hundred
    old computers were stolen by thieves. . .


ABOVE:   this Gutter Snipe Trollup defiantly
displays the LOCK she picked to escape the
chains to the Jaquard LOOM.  see:



World Famous christian Archaeologists labelled
the electrical Photon Generators, above, as
"EGGPLANTS", hiding them from the public.
ABOVE: This is an EGGPLANT, unless you have a
University Degree, in which case, it could be an advanced
electromagnetic radiation generation tube. . . . . .

ABOVE PHOTO : This is a perfect university graduation
gift - while little people waste all sorts of time worrying about
which label goes where, with a University Degree, you can
put any label anywhere without fuss. This DYMO requires
no power so that no matter how remote your archaeological
site is, or how many months you spend, it always works!
Otis McDonald gained International attention
by winning a U.S. Supreme Court case
which ended laws which had been in
effect since the days of SLAVERY.



What's that you say, ole boy? _ Only in CANADA? !
What a Pity!
The CLOUD taketh ALL 









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