We are working on ENGINES, so a comparison "laboratory" investigation
involving Engine parts, went as follows:

If you manufacture any typical engine part, you might use molten steel, aluminum,
ceramics, carbon compounds, iridium, titanium, and various compounds. This is typical.
The more exotic the material, the lighter and stronger the equivalent component
can result. However, this is "molten" material, and is equivalent to molten SAND,or Glass,
as compared to computer grade sand, glass, silicon, as in "silicon chip". The silicon
( sand, glass ) chip is a crystal, with perfect alignment of every atom, as opposed to
a jumble of molten atoms.

Ordinary ( sand, glass ) silicon is placed in a vacuum chamber, and heated with a
radio frequency wave ( just like a microwave ) tuned to the natural vibrations of the
silicon molecules. AGAIN, heat is just "average kinetic Molecular MOTION", so that
increasing the VIBRATIONS, increases the "HEAT" of the Silicon. Once melted, a
shaft lowered from the top with a tiny, pure crystal, on the bottom, touches the liquid
surface, and is slowly pulled upwards, VERY slowly.
The liquid silicon clings to the crystal, and forms a larger and larger round cylinder of
pure crystal, as it leaves the liquid pool, and hits the vacuum. This large, round cylinder
is cut into round thin slices, and then treated with chemicals to etch computer chips onto the
surface, and then cut into squares -- which are the chips used in computers!

What most people do not know, is that you can make a sacrificial casting, which is a
mold - just like the mold made when a steel engine is poured into a sand casting. After
the steel cools and hardens, the sand cast is dissolved, and the complicated steel engine
is left. The SAME thing can be done in a vacuum chamber with a PURE, CRYSTAL,
of steel, or aluminum or whatever material you want. So as the pure crystal is "drawn"
out of the liquid pool, it is not only a pure, single, crystal, but it is in the complicated shape
of the mold around it. This way, you can make an engine part with internal passages for
oil coolers, water heaters, fuel pre-heaters, air heating/cooling, and "pipe" oil or liquids
from one part of the engine to another. As well, the SINGLE CRYSTAL
structure of the engine part creates a material which is SO different from any typical "earth"
materials, it is like something from a Space Ship UFO... The part is lighter, stronger, and
would defy stress and heat and shock and impact, making it unbelievable in its properties.
The reason for this, is that what appears to be shiny molten typical "metal" is really, if etched
and viewed under a microscope, a scattered array of "islands" and "patterns" since, as the
molten material cools down, the dozens of different ELEMENTS, all separate, causing
distinct boundaries. Cracking and FAILURE of molten materials occurs on these boundaries.
A crystal is "perfect" and has NO boundaries for stress to concentrate on - making it stronger.
A typical engine part made of this material would outlast the entire vehicle! ( I wish I had
piston rods made out of this material for my 52' Dodge, which had a rod break, making a
hole in the side of the engine as it flew out. This "wrote off" the vehicle, unfortuneately...)

The problem occurs that you have all these tiny, complex little "pipes" and "passages"
running through this amazing crystal engine component, with no way to VERIFY that the
that the pipes and channels are not partially blocked, or slightly moved to create dangerously
thin walls between what might be boiling fuel, and cooling water! You cannot X-ray through
a solid metal crystal.
The answer is to direct a flow of neutrons through the side of a Nuclear Reactor ( I would
assume that any good testing laboratory has a Nuclear Reactor sitting in the corner ), and
use the neutrons to penetrate the metal crystal engine parts, at various "intensities" so that
you can "see" various depths into the metal. This requires changing the "energy level" of the
stream of neutrons... ! The method is to bounce or reflect the neutron beam off the surface
of a .... you guessed it ... large crystal. As the neutrons hit the crystal ( in this case, a man-made
green, solid, single crystal, about 1 foot in diameter ... at a cost of about 31 million dollars...
I will assume that any testing lab will have a huge chunk of crystal sitting in the corner..! ) ,
they bounce internally depending on the ANGLE that they hit the surface. So that by changing
the angle of the beam, you can change the energy level of the neutrons that bounce out...
Finally, you can direct the various energy beams at the engine parts, and "see" inside the solid
crystal metal, at different depths, and check if there are defects INSIDE the engine part...
The scientific equipment, and the EXPENSE, both in making the crystal engine parts, and testing
each part, is totally out of reach of most "home", "weekend", "back-yard" mechanics.
As I stated a few times, I have no intention at all, in trying to build a "laboratory" at my home!
Everything on my simple cheap HHO efie, and related parts, thus far is minimal, cheap, fast, and designed by "guess"... !

have fun

robin dusty graves


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Dusty Graves


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Real Science is a fascinating subject, unlike the decades of what was taught in schools that

I endured, that tries to KILL every shred of imagination, of hope, of possibility, and instead,

fills the time with memorizations of WHAT CAN NOT BE DONE!

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light...

Nothing can get colder than absolute zero.

Matter can neither be created nor destroyed... etc etc.

( all wrong - search Richard Feynman for a lecture on this! )

**Clarke's Three Laws are three "laws" of prediction formulated by the British writer
                Arthur C. Clarke. They are:

1/ When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost
       certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
2/ The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them
          into the impossible.
3/ Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

(thanks to wikipedia)


With the String theory, and new discoveries of the last few years, we are on the brink of

an entirely new era - and I can't wait to see what happens next! This is a wondrous and

magical time, with the doors of science wide open again - and the view is breathtaking!

have fun

Robin Dusty Graves



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How to take an Obsolete old computer, like an 8088, 8086, 80186, 80188, 80286, 80386 etc,

and old discarded electronics, to build a FREE, home -made robot and controller:



have fun

Robin Dusty Graves