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This has been one of the most interesting and informative of my adventures in recent times.
The BIRD_BRAINZ project is one that probably will never end, since it encompasses
hundreds of diverse scientific fields, most of which are poorly understood, or not
understood AT ALL !

A few years ago, I was with a number of girls. One was my girlfriend. Another was my
X Girlfriend. Another was my next-to-be girlfriend. Two other girls were close friends
with of all of us. ( Some people would say that this situation is impossible, but it "does"
happen! )   (I would guess it depends on whether or not you believe in magic...) **

One girl arrived after shopping, and had a new sweater that she was wearing, and was
overly delighted with finding that particular colour. All the girls swooned and praised the
unique "COLOUR" (spelled 'color' for Americans ), and the girl asked me what colour I thought
that it was.... I said " orangey pinkish or pinkish orange, I guess" and every single
girl stopped dead, and they all looked at me with a blank face, ( translation) " ARE YOU A
They just shook their heads ( as in " typical dumb male") and went on talking...

Now, years later, researching BIRDS, I finally figure out why.... ( Could they not just
teach this stuff in school so it is not so much of a mystery...? )

This invention is a pure accident. My friend's GIRLFRIEND had 3 small 'budgey" or
"canary" type of songbirds, one yellow ( canary island type, noting that canary island
is named after CANINE, or DOG, and the birds are named after Dog Island, not the
other way around...), one yellow and green, and
one with red and blue etc. These birds were in three cages, in the living room, and
chirped all day. My friend's SON came in one day, and trying to talk, amid the noise,
picked up the TELEVISION remote control, aimed it at the birds, and pushed the
MUTE button. Much to everyone's dismay, all the birds immediately shut up!
COMPLETE SILENCE.... ( Using the MUTE button on the birds was intended as a joke )
Everyone talked for 5 or ten minutes, and then, one by one, the birds started to chirp,
until the noise was back to normal...
This time, watching carefully, the person picked up the remote, pointed it at the birds,
slowly, so as not to make any sudden movements nor noise himself, and then slowly
pushed the MUTE button. Again, to confirm that pressing the MUTE button, was, indeed
affecting the birds, all 3 birds immediately stopped singing, and there was complete

To my knowledge, this has never been documented, and is absolutely fascinating....
Me, being "me", ...this HAD TO be investigated more thoroughly...

First of all, is this ANY remote? Is this ANY BUTTON on ANY REMOTE? Is this just
WHY? What was happening here?

The first thing to do was round up some of the REMOTE CONTROLS around the
house... (REMEMBER, I work with electronics and computers, and I don't throw out
anything, ever, as long as I have a place to store stuff...)


So now that I had a few remotes to experiment with, the next step is to find a few sets of
batteries, since there were quite a few different kinds, and verify that the remotes were working
correctly. A few years ago this was a difficult task, and you needed either specialized equipment,
or had to set up do-it-yourself electronics. Some remotes will cause an AM/ FM Radio to emit
SOUND, on various channel frequencies, that you have to find by trial and error, ... this method
is nice, since AM / FM  radios are easily found. Some remotes emit a SOUND FREQUENCY
that is on the highest range of human hearing- dogs hear them, and even some people. These
remotes were an enigma, since they had only a coil of wire, and no speaker! Some remotes use
an encoded pulse of invisible light, and you need a special PHOSPHOR activated paint
that you "activate" by holding next to bright light source, immediately before pointing a remote
control at it. ( these were available at "Radio Shack", and I had them for years. ) These were
handy, since they came on a credit card sized piece of cardboard, and were easy to carry and
store. Some remotes used a tuning fork, that, when you pressed the button, was hit by a
spring loaded hammer, inside the unit. The frequency was above human hearing. Some early
remotes used an ordinary incandescent light bulb with a big lens on the end, that focused
the light beam into a tiny dot that you pointed at the device. ... Typically, now, you can put
an electrical meter on the LED ( Light Emitting Diode ) two wires, and see if there is voltage
when you press the buttons, but this requires that you take apart the remote to get access.

(NOTE: after over 2 decades of wiring similar to the picture, above, now, increasingly, positive
and negative leads are reversed at the factory, so you should always do a test!)

BELOW: OSCILLOSCOPE shows wave patterns.

You can use an oscilloscope, again, checking across the two wires ( "leads" ) of the LEDS,
or, construct a DETECTOR circuit, that "sees" the invisible Infrared or Ultra Violet light, and
then amplifies the signal, and feeds it into either an oscilloscope/meter, or , just turns on a
transistor which POWERS a "visible" LED, typically, a Red, Yellow, or Green LED, that you
can just see with your normal eyesight... An oscilloscope is necessary if you want to SEE
complex multiple frequencies hidden within the "ON" cycles, which are different for each
each button, on every "BRAND NAME" of remote.
      But that was "then" and this is "NOW" , so you just get any solid state camera, and point it
at the remote, and press the remote button. In most cases, the "invisible" LED light is clearly
shown on the screen of the camera. The first Solid State cameras were $2000.00 (U.S.) to
$5000.00, so that we did NOT have one sitting on the workbench just to look at IR ( Infra
RED ) or UV ( Ultra Violet  ) spectrum Light Emitting Diodes!
NOTE: Even if there is POWER showing on a METER
or an oscilloscope, this does NOT mean that the LED is WORKING!
They "DO" burn out, so the final test is always to look at the
LED itself for electromagnetic frequency EMISSIONS!

THE CAMERA, BELOW, with all accessories, tripod, and extra, MASSIVE, HUGE,
EXPENSIVE, 10 MegaByte RAM CARDS, was $5000.00 ! ( Note that it is sitting on the
desk next to me, as I type this... )

Now, ( 2012 ) anyone can get an affordable Solid State camera with a display.

Just point the "Digital", Solid State Camera, at any Remote Control, and the Camera,
which "sees" the "invisible" LED light, will clearly show the LED glowing on the
display screen! The first frame below, is what a "human" eye sees- nothing!
The second frame shows clearly a bright light on the LED with a purple tinge in the DISPLAY
of a typical, modern, Digital, Solid State, camera.

As well, everyone has a CELL PHONE, and these can be used to "see" the invisible light
shining from a typical remote control. I am a HUGE fan of RIM's ( Research In Motion )
BLACKBERRY cell phones, and will remain a customer as long as there is a nice, big,
key pad. (Blackberry is having a bit of trouble at the moment, but I hope they get some of
the MAGIC** back,-- since I lived in Kitchener / Waterloo, and have lots of friends there.)
BELOW, are my BB 9300 and BB 9000, two of the many Blackberries I own.

(( NOTE :   Hi.D. ( of HELWYCH.com )  just informed me that her
   Apple iPhones DO NOT  show anything
    when they are pointed at invisible LEDs !   I tried a couple of APPLE devices, and
    as she said, they showed NOTHING  ! I took a couple of photos, and will put
     them here later,  - - - thus, there is a film filter over the lens of the CCD unit,
    ( the camera chip ) that blocks IR  ( Infra Red ) light ! Until now, I did not know
    this, since I do not use iPhones, etc. -- live and learn ! All other cameras and
    CellPhones that I have tried to date, work properly. . . )) ** April 2017

BELOW, is my trusty 9300, taking a picture of a REMOTE. Ironically, this is the FIRST
photograph that I have taken with the Blackberry 9300 to actually USE!

ABOVE, you can see that a CELL PHONE shows clearly, the LED lights glowing
on a Remote Control. The nice thing about a Cell Phone, is that it is often very
close by- like in your pocket, so for a quick check of a REMOTE, it is "handy"...

So, now, at this point, I can load up all the remotes, and test them, and "SEE" that they
are actually working...

Ok, now I need BIRDS. All kinds of birds. Luckily, my friend has a shelter and hospital
for birds, and many other friends have birds of all kinds, so that over time, I was able to
give various remotes to people, and then wait over time to get the experimental results
-- Apr10, 2021-- This NOTE should have been added
10 years ago, however, each time I was about to add
this, something would happen- my computer would
crash, or be stolen, or I would suddenly MOVE and
everything would be on indefinite hold etc. FINALLY,
I found a valid LINK and have a few minutes to ADD

this information! My friend, above, is Diane Dwyer,
who allowed me to visit on multiple occasions, and
over time I had the opportunity to TALK TO every
single bird she had at that time- these are amazing
creatures- recent studies show that their brains use a
different kind of brain cell that allows much much
more computing power in a smaller, lighter space, so
the age-old rule of thumb, smaller brain = smaller

intelligence, does NOT apply.  These birds are incredibly
smart - when you talk to them, them they stop and

Diane Dwyer's 2nd CHANCE BIRD RESCUE
can be found at :


If you have a few moments to read about an incredible
BIRD story, please do click the links above! Diane can
always use support - which, not surprisingly, she
gets from animal lovers all over the WORLD! 

There are also PET STORES which have different birds for sale, so the process
of seeing which BIRD does WHAT with WHICH button on WHAT remote, is an
on-going experiment, that could NEVER END, since there are thousands of Birds, and
thousands of REMOTES, and testing them all is time consuming! However, so far the
results are indicating "trends" with different classes of remotes on different classes of

SINCE I work with electronics, and am on many Technical Web Sites, I am aware of a
novelty product, called TV B GONE, which is a tiny remote control that turns OFF, over
2000 different TV sets! Just press the button, and virtually EVERY TV known, will turn off.
I saw an interview with the inventor in San Francisco, and the idea started while he and
his friends were trying to talk in a restaurant, but were drowned out by TV sets playing
many different SPORTS channels... They jokingly wished for a remote that would turn
the TV's all off, but, being Technical people, in Silicon Valley, they sat down and realized
that such a device was, indeed, possible, and eventually the device ( and a dozen clones!)
are now available, around the world!
The LINK to the website for TV B GONE is

So the question remains: CAN I MAKE A BIRD,     "OFF"     REMOTE?

I searched the internet, typically wikipedia.org, and was astounded by the amount of
NEW research and information available, which did NOT exist when I was going to
school..., or at least, was never "mentioned"...

1/ BIRDS SEE a MINIMUM of 4 BANDS of Colour, some see 5, 6 or more bands!
2/ BIRDS SEE "Magnetic Lines of FORCE! ! "
3/ BIRDS SEE fast MOVEMENT, ie 100 frames a second, vs Humans, can't see 60!
4/ BIRDS SEE slow Movement, such as the movement of the SUN, and the MOON!
5/ Human girls are often able to see like BIRDS ! ................

I remember reading somewhere that DINOSAURS never died out ( extinction) but rather,
the ones capable of FLYING ( the birds ), were able to survive, and are the BIRDS that
we see today. Also, I read that the DNA of a typical BIRD is over 100 times as big
as a HUMAN's. The current "explanation" of this huge volume of DNA, is that "IT DOES
NOTHING" and is merely redundant, "UNUSED" codes, that could be removed...
( I disagree ! ) ( Over the centuries, anything that men were ignorant of "was of no importance".)

Let us take a look at the eye of a typical BIRD...

Not only is every part of the eye vastly superior to the human eye, but there is a
huge RADAR like structure, the PECTEN, that we, to date, do not even know what
it is! ( constructed by the "useless" DNA, that "Does ""NOTHING"" ...)

The "typical" human EYE has 3 structures, "cones" that see 3 different parts of the
" Rainbow" of light, or, more specifically, the "Electromagnetic Spectrum"
Typical Birds, however, have 4 of these, and the 4rth, sees the Ultraviolet wavelengths
of the spectrum, that Humans CANNOT see. Also, the eye components of BIRDS
are generally SUPERIOR, so that they are more sensitive, and better designed to
see the WHOLE section of "visible" light, where the design of HUMAN  eyes is
off centered, poor quality, and vastly inferior...

Look at how perfectly balanced the FOUR (4) light receptors (cones ) are, in a BIRD:

In contrast, look at the lop-sided, and deficient, HUMAN eye capabilities! :

To really make the difference clear, look at the comparison of what we dumb HUMANS
see, compared to what a BIRD sees, when looking at another BIRD ! :

Humans see the dull, bland bird, in the first photo, but BIRDS see a wonderful display!
The entire EARTH is a brilliant, and wondrous place for BIRDS!

The news gets even MORE interesting, since, now, research indicates that:
"Some birds (such as pigeons) have FIVE or MORE kinds of color receptors in
their retinae, and are therefore believed to be pentachromats," Which makes them
"see" even MORE than humans!

To make HUMANS even MORE dim-witted, BIRDS can SEE magnetic lines of force!
In school, I was taught that birds "likely" had magnetic particles in their brains, that allowed
them to navigate along earth's magnetic poles, for migrations. Not quite so! They can actually
see magnetism! Fantastic! Amazing! It only goes to show that a few 100 million years of evolution
of BIRDS ( dinosaurs ) resulted in some really fantastic capabilities! In school, I was taught
that dinosaurs were slow, dim-witted, creatures...

There is a fantastic interview with the scientist who pioneered BIRD magnetic research, at:


The Only way dumb humans can "see" magnetic lines, is with scientific equipment
that "represents" the lines. Above, Iron dust collects on the magnetic lines.
Birds "SEE" the actual magnetic lines themselves. Until we graft BIRD DNA
strands into Human EYE DNA, we will never see them...

Then, back to my girlfriend, and her friends who thought I was a MORON, because I thought
the sweater they were looking at was an "ordinary" orangey-pink!
Look at what the experts say:

In humans, two cone cell pigment genes are located on the sex X chromosome, the
classical type 2 opsin genes OPN1MW and OPN1MW2. It has been suggested that since
women have two different X chromosomes in their cells, some of them could be carrying
some variant cone cell pigments, thereby possibly being born as full tetrachromats and
having four different simultaneously functioning kinds of cone cells, and

possibly as many as six different types of color-sensing cones, each type with a
specific pattern of responsiveness to different wave lengths of light in the range of the
visible spectrum.

(Note that some species on EARTH have up to  12 different spectral ranges in their vision,
so that mere "HUMANS" are at the BOTTOM of the evolutionary scale, in this aspect, with
a base-line "NORMAL" of only 3 ! Since females can commonly have up to 6 colours, this
makes them HEXA-Chromatic,
which puts a new twist on the phrase, "she put a HEX on me." ! )


SOOOoooooo.... I just happened to be in the middle of a group of girls, ALL of whom could
see with 4, 5, or 6 colour spectrums, compared to my meager 3, which made me look like an
idiot.... Men, take note! Women have a distinct advantage! Women, take note, men are missing
a whole bunch of colours! Go easy on them, it is NOT their fault! I don't feel so bad, now that
I accidentally discovered the research on BIRDS! Who Knew? (Keep in mind, this is an
electronic project! )

On the note of COLOUR testing of 'humans'... Over the years I have tried many colour
tests. One particular test I remember was a huge BOOK, with very expensive, shiny, high-quality
photographs of coloured dot patterns.

Since I created this page 6 of my MALE friends reported that they could NOT see anything in the
DOT patterns above! All females could see all the diagrams, so this informally verifies that
FEMALES do, indeed, have better colour vision than the average MALE.
              FOR MALES, the diagram BELOW, shows where the hidden objects are located...

In one Opthamologists office, I quickly went through the FRONT of a book, correctly identifying
all the "hidden" numbers and figures on each page, thus "proving" that I am "not" colour-blind... This
has never been a problem... However... at the BACK of the book, I just kept on flipping pages,
and I got to sections that were "special" . When the doctor saw me looking through the tests, he
said " you don't have to do those tests, they are for RARE types of colour blindness..." Now, years
later, I understand what the "SPECIAL" pages at the back of the book were for --- GIRLS....
"special" girls... The pages at the back had the typical multi-patterned dots, but quickly got stranger,
and I could NOT see hidden patterns any more... I had just run through the "standard" tests, and
saw everything -- in 3 colour bands, which is the "base" line for dumb humans, but the BACK of
the book went further, into the 4, 5, and 6 ( 7 ? 8 ? 9 ? etc.) "other" colour bands, that only
"special" people can see...
   There were a number of other strange things involved with the colour testing process- the area
where the colour book was kept was a DARK corner of the room, in complete contrast to the
normal "hospital" gleaming white walls and furnishings, that you typically expect. There was DARK
carpeting, DARK, flat,  paint on the walls, and a DARK desk! In the ceiling, above the viewing
area, were tiny, powerful little spotlights that brilliantly lit up the viewing area, and the DARK,
soft couch that was beside the table. THINKING about it, I understand why. The DARK, flat,
surfaces did NOT reflect any light.... If the surfaces were bright, shiny RED, for example, the
reflected light would contaminate the colours in the book. The tiny, but very powerful lights in the
ceiling, were FULL SPECTRUM lights - they 'looked' like the cheap halogen lights you can get
in the dollar store, but a spectrum analyzer would show that the light 'intensity' was equal across
the entire visible spectrum... This "FULL SPECTRUM" light is almost identical to full sunlight on
a bright day -- the same light that was present on that fateful day when my female friends,
outside, on a patio, with white gleaming patio furniture, were viewing a sweater -- that had a
colour that "I", being 'dumb male', could NOT see... ( and never will ... )


On this TOPIC, it is important to note that when you look at an object, like a BOOK, or a
Sweater, or a PAINTING, you can ONLY SEE colours that the object REFLECTS from whatever
light is shining on it --- this has some interesting problems attached- if you are in a store, and the
lighting is poor, and only artificial, you cannot see the "full Spectrum" colours in the object - you
will only see reflected light in the BANDS that the poor lighting shines on the object. You may
notice that many large stores now use brilliant lights, that are white to the point that they almost
have a blue- tinge to them. These lights are getting close to full spectrum, and "show-off" the
vibrant colours in objects in the store. If you have purchased "Compact Fluorescent" replacement
bulbs, you may have noticed different "colours" available- like "Warm" or "Daylight" or "Natural"
etc. which are vague, and change with each brand name. One certain way to tell what colour you
are buying is to look for the "K" or KELVIN number - this is a scale that used to be Degrees
Kelvin, (when I was a kid!) and now, with "International Units" has dropped the "degrees", but is
the same thing.

The package above, states "COOL WHITE" and shows the COLOUR on the slide bar, to be
in the BLUE region, yet PRINTS, CLEARLY, 4100K degrees, which is just teeny bit above
dirty yellow! BLUE WHITE would be 6500K to 7500K!
(( NOTE : Here in Ottawa (city) Ontario (Province) Canada , Electricians are replacing ALL
the lightbulbs in an Apartment Building nearby. The new lights have "4100 K" listed on the
packaging, and when installed beside Quartz/ Halogens, they are a solid " WHITE " in
comparison, so I was impressed at how "white" a 4100 K LED (solid state Light Emitting
Diode ) could be -- there was no hint of Yellow at all. If you look at the slider scale bar
in the photo above, there should be Yellow-to-white-to-blue instead of having the white area

"after" the blue area . . .  in any event, if you research the "colours" that the human eye actually
sees, the "resultant" colour we see, can be made up of hundreds of other colours in many
combinations. The LABEL "4100 K" can be attained by different colour combinations inside the
LED chip. ))  

     Everyone is familiar with
Centigrade, and Fahrenheit, and these can be converted to KELVIN. A really great analogy to
figuring out what the relationship to the colour of a light, and the K value, is to envision a lump of
coal. It is a dull BLACK colour. If you put it in an oven, and start heating it, it will turn from black,
to a glowing RED. Then, as the temperature increases, it starts to turn ORANGE. Then, it turns a
brighter yellow-Orange. At that point the relationship would be about 3000 K to 3500 K. Bulbs
with a label in the 3000 range are supposedly more "Natural" but I find the dirty Orange, dim,
light worse than a cheap 25 Watt old bulb! The dull, dreary orange glow destroys all the colours
in a room, - you might as well get an old Coal-Oil, or Whale-Blubber Lamp, from the 1800's!

In the picture (below), is a 6500 K bulb beside a 2700 K lightbulb. You can
clearly see the difference in the colours. To me, the 2700 K dirty brown
light makes all the colours in the room dissappear, turning the room
dirty brown. The 6500 K bulb brightens the entire room, with colours
becoming vibrant. Both bulbs have the SAME light output (lumens);
are manufactured by the SAME company, and have the SAME wattage
( how much power they use ), so the only difference is the "COLOUR"
that they produce.

As you heat up the lump of coal, the orange-yellow gets brighter, and more yellow-white.
Finally, the coal gets SO hot,that it is glowing white, and extends into the far side of the
rainbow - the blue end, and it has a blue tinge. From brilliant white, to blue-white, is in
the range of 6000 K to 6500 K, and the highest rating I have seen, in bulbs sold to the
general public, is 7000 Kelvin.

These are the types of Kelvin in large stores - and for good reason-
the colours of everything in the store simply GLEAM with vibrancy. Noting that the coal
goes through through the rainbow of visible colours ( to humans), note that the reddish end,
or INFRA-RED end is composed of large, low-energy waves. This would be like the
RED LASER used in burning CDs and DVDs.. As the energy or HEAT increases, the
bands move to the high-Energy, or Purple - Violet end of the rainbow, with very tiny, but
energetic waves, -- the ULTRA-VIOLET end. The BLUE end of the rainbow, has waves
typically one-tenth ( 1/10th ) the size of the RED waves, and this, is why "BLUE_RAY" 
discs have 10 times as much storage on them, compared to DVD's, which use
the large, low-energy, RED Lasers... the dots "burned" on BLUE discs, are 1/10th as big...*

There is a down-side to this wonderful, bright, lighting though. Everyone knows that if you take a
magnifying glass, and make a small spot of ordinary sunlight, you can burn a hole through a sheet
of paper ...

ALL light, can, and does "BURN" the surface of all materials - the red end colours do the "least"
amount of damage, while the bright, blue-white-violet colours, having more "Energy" do much
more damage. SO ... the bright light in the stores, is actually DAMAGING the colours of the
merchandise. If you ever get a colourful package that has been in a store Front Window, in the
sun for a long time, you immediately see the faded colours on the surfaces that are facing the sun...
BELOW: in a big super store, if you look up, you will see extremely bright lights with a blue halo.

The photo of the incredibley bright lights above, is courtesy the night staff at the Loblaws 24 hour Super Store beside the Algonquin Colledge, Woodruffe Avenue in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Thanks guys.
WHICH, brings us to the point of "seeing" colours. It was noticed that paintings were being badly
damaged by LIGHT, to the point that ordinary FLASH cameras, are forbidden. Priceless works
of art are now behind special glass that has FILTER capabilities to block out the high-energy
"Violet" end of lighting... Even the windows of the rooms that paintings are kept in, have very
special glass to filter the light.

THIS... means, that, considering how each artist "hand- mixed" pigments from whatever colours
were available, often "experimenting" with unusual compounds, ... that, for decades, no one has
ever actually "SEEN" most famous paintings! If the artist that hand-mixed the pigments, also had
4, 5, 6, or more colour bands in their eyes (compared to the rather deficient 'norm' of only 3) then
they could have painted works of art that ONLY people who also had 4, 5, or 6 or more colour
bands, could actually "SEE", in the first place! AND... modern lighting was NOT invented yet, so
that most classic paintings were done in FULL SUNLIGHT! (ie., Full Spectrum Lighting, in which
the FULL range of Ultraviolet and Infrared were present.) I think that is why, in looking at art,
anywhere, even in a store, different people have totally different opinions on the paintings. This is
because different people actually SEE different colours,-- and someone like myself, with only
3 lop-sided, poor colour bands, would be restricted to just those colours,-- where a girl, typically,
might see dozens of colours in the painting, that make the painting an entirely DIFFERENT work
of art! VOILA! -- DON'T send a MAN to buy art! (duh)
(( Don't send a mere 'man' to do a woman's job! ? ))

If you notice the printing description, below, there are "varnishes" used in printing, that print
"invisible" inks on paper. "IF" the varnish is "frosted" it gives unique printings that ordinary
humans can "see" since the shiny / vs/ frosted areas clearly show...

"The widely spread offset-printing process is composed of four spot colors: Cyan, Magenta,
Yellow, and Key (black) commonly referred to as CMYK. More advanced processes
involve the use of six spot colors (hexachromatic process), which add Orange and Green
to the process (termed CMYKOG). The two additional spot colors are added to
compensate for the ineffective reproduction of faint tints using CMYK colors only. However
,offset technicians around the world use the term spot color to mean
any color generated
by a non-standard offset ink;
such as metallic,
fluorescent, spot varnish, or custom hand-mixed inks."

I cut out a few printed cardboard box ends, under the flaps on the bottom, where printers test
the colours and the alignment or "registration". This shows some of the ink COLOURS used.

As described in the literature above, there are thousands of different types of "INK"s that contain
INFRA RED and ULTRA VIOLET chemicals, that can only be seen by "standard" humans,
with the aid of special equipment... I noticed that SOME of the pages at the back of the book,
instead of being purely shiny, high quality printing, had a 'FROSTED" look, and of course, now
I know why... They had bottom coatings of CMYK or CMYKOG INK, and upper layers of
"INVISIBLE" inks that only people with 4, 5, 6, ( 7, 8, 9, etc ? ) colour capabilities, could see.
( typically, ... girls -- although, because of genetic combinations and diversities and "errors", some
MALE Humans would inherit unusual capabilities, just on a statistical probability basis. )
The VERY TOP LAYER,  on the pages, of the FROSTED varnish coating, was added so that
the layers of Ultra Violet and Infra Red INKS (which most people could not see) did not have
a "SHINY" reflection on the page, which was different from the ordinary inks. People who
could not see the actual 'invisible' colours, may have been able to see the 'shiny' spots, and
then see where the hidden patterns were located. By adding a dull frosting on top, none of
the inks used could reflect more - or less- "shiny" reflections on the pages, so that you would

be forced to actually "SEE" the Frequencies in colour ranges, in order to tell what the hidden
shapes were. 3 photos, Above, on the black card, anyone can "SEE" the words

simply by the differences in the REFLECTION of light on the surface.
This phenomona, on a colour test, would ruin the test completely. The solid 'frosting' on
top, would prevent ANY of the inks from creating a shiny reflection!

The Electromagnetic Spectrum, is just a "range" of exactly the same
"RADIATION" of magnetic waves,

which 'ranges' from LONG waves, to very SHORT waves. HUMANS, can see a tiny part of the
full range of magnetic radiation, - the VISIBLE (to humans) SPECTRUM. We can represent
VISIBLE LIGHT that we see, as "particles", called PHOTONS, ( think of PHOTO-graph,
PHOTO-graphy, etc.)

As you can see from the chart, above, the entire "RAINBOW" of colours that humans see, is just
a tiny spot on the graph of all the waves. In theory, there is no "longest" wave, since you can
always make a wave twice as big, and there is no "shortest" wave, since you can always cut any
wave in half! If you look on either side of the tiny "rainbow" section on the top band, you see
INFRARED on the left, and ULTRAVIOLET on the right. Creatures with 6, 8, 10, or 12 colour
bands in their eyes, would be able to see 'colours' on either side of the rainbow that mere humans,
cannot see. Note that as the "light" (Electromagnetic Photon Radiation) waves go to the right,
getting smaller waves, their ENERGY increases, which is why X-Rays, shown on the chart, are
more dangerous than 'Radio Waves", shown on the left of the chart. Similarly, light on the BLUE 
end of the 'rainbow' has shorter wave lengths, and therefore, more energy, and therefore, will
damage paints, and artwork, more easily...

In one particular (miss)adventure, I ended up at the Medical Research Center for University of
Southern California, which has some of the most up to date, expensive, and rare equipment in
the world. Getting your eyes "tested" takes on a whole different meaning, after a day at USC!

I had been BOOGIE BOARDING, in California, which, as an alternative to surfing, uses smaller,
lighter, boards, in much smaller waves, and can be enjoyed by anyone, of any age.

While Boogie boards "look" like the cheap styrofoam "paddle boards" sold in Canada, they are
high tech multi-layer composites, using technologies developed for surfing. Wet suits are advisable,
depending on how cold the surf is, and give a HUGE safety benefit in that they provide buoyancy.
Surfing shoes are advisable, since, as I found out when I stepped on a stingray, you never know
what your feet will land on. Absolutely necessary are the SAFETY STRAPS that tie you to your
board, which you quickly appreciate when the first unexpected wave knocks it out of your hands..
This kid is properly outfitted...BELOW:

Even WITH all the safety equipment, and small surf waves, boogie boarding can be dangerous,
-- one professional died on the beach I used, the day after I was boarding... (I experienced the
phenomona called 'the 3 sisters', a couple of times in my life, including on the beaches in
California, where waves from 3 different directions meet at one spot, so a wave is 3 times
higher than anything around it. Once on the St. Lawrence river, in an area called 'The Devil's
Acres", the yacht I was on almost sunk. You would wonder how huge ocean going vessels
could sink on just a plain "river", until you actually hit one of these violent waves! The normal
storm waves might splash over the decks, 7 or 8 feet, but the 25 foot waves would swallow
a yacht easily... - the pilot knew this and turned the boat SIDEWAYS, so the front of the
yacht never slid into the bottom of a 25 foot wall of water! If you are on a boogie board, and
are on the front edge of a wave like this, you can accelerate straight down, head first!)

The BOOGIE miss-hap I had, landed me at USC.  Unfortunately, I was not paying close
attention to the vast array of  amazing Optical Equipment used in the battery of tests
I was taking, since, when I started the day, I was basically blind, and in severe pain,
(which takes the fun out of things)! By the time I left, at the end of the day I had more
or less normal vision, and remembering back, I now understand some of the
tests and equipment better... Everything makes more sense when you
"UNDERSTAND" that different Humans can SEE different colour spectrums! Advanced optical
equipment will "test" human eyes in spectrums that the "average Joe" ( male, fittingly ) cannot
even see, but, many Females will see! That is why various parts of some eye tests seem absolutely
stupid - (to us dumb males with only 3 colour bands) - Only people with 4, 5, 6 or more
available spectral ranges, will even be able to see the tests at all. 99% of these 'people' would be

OK, now back to Bird BRAINZ, the high-speed, super-duper, digital, all-in-one, dial-a-matic,
high-tech, handy-dandy, BIRD MUTE BUTTON...

So far, my research, on just a few remotes, and a few birds, shows that YES, I "can" make a
simple, cheap, remote control, that will SILENCE a few particular kinds of songbirds. The
explanation, from bird experts, is that the CANARY types of birds are sensitive to unusual
and sudden "CHANGES", so that a flashing light in a strange spectrum not normally seen,
causes them to stop singing, just as they would if a strange animal suddenly came into sight,
or a strange noise was heard. This is just an instinctive response. These types of birds would
respond easily to a typical TV remote control, if the FLASH PATTERN was in a certain
unusual ( compared to normal house or sky lighting ) range. This is easy to construct.
However, I am beginning to suspect that there is MUCH  more involved, since birds are so
vastly superior to Humans in their senses - In School we were drilled that Humans only have
5 senses, the typical Sight, Sound, taste, smell, etc. Clearly, birds, which can SEE magnetic
lines of force, are superior, and may have even MORE senses than we now know...

For this type of simple BIRD_BRAINZ, I could choose a very small format of remote, since
not very much is needed, and this would reduce the SHIPPING weight and size, so that the
device, on the store shelves would be significantly lower.

Below, are three (3) typical REMOTES. All of them are perfectly OK, but the smallest one could
ship about 10 units, in the same space as the large one.

At present, tests on LARGE ( about the size of a child), old ( 80 years to 100 years ), expensive,
$2000.00 to $5000.00 ( U.S.$), smart ( typically speak 3 languages ), BIRDS, do NOT react
to the same teeny little flashing LED of a TV remote, like the CANARY type birds do. In fact,
the birds look at you with the same blank stare my girlfriends gave me when I could not see the
magnificent "colour" that they did, ( translation, "Are you a complete MORON? Do I look like
a TV? Your cheap Parlor Tricks are pathetic.... etc."), so that some
birds are not easily puzzled or fooled!

This is where determination, and curiosity, mixed with technical experience and "GUESS", are
needed to discover "What makes BIRDS tick?" ( Or tock (( or talk )) )....

In any event I have a great many ideas, and need to construct a few electronic circuits to test on
a few more birds to see what happens.

I could ship a working "CANARY / BUDGEY" BIRD_BRAINZ MUTE BUTTON device
today, but I want to find the solution for a wider spectrum of birds, so the product is
available to "most" typical bird owners. Very few typical bird owners have $5000.00,
100 year old birds, so that I won't even worry about the rare types, but, until I can walk into
a pet store and get noticed by all the "typical" birds that people would own, I think
there a few ideas that can be easily explored...

I have had a lot of Bird- Brained ideas over the years. This one wins the prize!

NOTE that if an already-manufactured remote happened to have a suitable LED flash
pattern, all you would have to do, in order to make the BIRD_BRAINZ, is just put a
new top cover label on the top, in place of the original! The item itself is already designed
and manufactured!

RE_LABELLED, it would look something like:

I just did a GOOGLE SEARCH for the item "Bird-Brainz" and got thousands of pages...
So now I have to INVENT a new name for the product... That is a really FUN job, so
I am looking forward to throwing a few ideas around to see what friends and public say...

NOTE: GUYS-- now if you go shopping with females, and they look at lipstick, nail polish,
shoes, sweaters, etc. and ask Which one of these "MATCHES" this one...? which has been
asked to me a hundred times... you can show them this article, and explain, that, yes, indeed,
they ALL LOOK THE SAME ! --- REALLY, no kidding...! What a relief to have a
scientific explanation! Can "YOU" be held responsible, for the fact that girls are ... get this...
BIRD_BRAINED??? I love it... ( note that since birds have eyes incredibly superior and
advanced to dumb humans, calling someone bird-brained could, in fact, be a compliment! )

I went to the local Pharmacy, just to get a look at what a typical section of the store looks like
for the selection of colours for nail polish, and lipstick, etc. (If the Store was Canadian Tire,
and there was a choice of something for MEN, there would only be 8 colours! )

Take a look at what is available for females...! :

The sections above are just a tiny sample of "COLOURS" available for women, when they go
shopping, and I will not even START to cover the colour of SHOES, PURSES, or CLOTHES, etc.!

At the Pharmacy, above, when I talked to the MANAGER, ( noting that the Pharmacist, the
Managers, the check-out-clerks, the customer assistants,-- EVERYONE--, was female ),
I mentioned that I was making a remote for BIRDS, since birds "see" colours that humans
cannot. We did not have immediate access to the Internet, to look at this Web Page, so I
explained the details whereby Female HUMANS can see colours that most men cannot.
She jokingly asked if I was thinking of making a FEMALE or "GIRLFRIEND" remote -
- however, NO JOKE, if my research determines exactly what parts of the spectrum that
females typically see, it is possible to make a device that ONLY WOMEN
CAN SEE -- it could have lights, or even better, a scrolling alpha-numeric display, that
most men would "see" absolutely --NOTHING.... Hmmmm.... there is a PROJECT IDEA
being formulated in one of the three remaining brain cells, in my head, that still work properly....

On the humourous side of things, some clever inventor already developed the BOYFRIEND 
REMOTE... noting that it actually does not "function" as anything but a regular TV remote, and
only the BUTTONS have been re- labelled.

So, there is a SPIN-OFF product possibility of a WORKING, FUNCTIONING,
"GIRLFRIEND REMOTE"... as stated earlier, this project covers many different aspects!

I need to test birds, lots of birds, and living in the Great White North of Canada, there are
thousands of birds, all around, everywhere, and I was reminded of this while waiting in
a LONG line of Drive-Thru cars at Tim Hortons, on my way home, just now.

All around the parking lot, there are typical trees, and they were all filled with dozens of various
birds, that were merrily chirping away. BINGO... I had a thought. (  Some people might say that
this situation is impossible, but it "does" happen! ) (I would guess it depends on whether or not
you believe in magic...)** I need to make a test device to aim at birds, with light, high frequency
sound, and magnetic lines of force, visible in only a narrow beam, with audio and video cameras
to CAPTURE the reactions of birds, to the various combinations of the frequencies, etc. The
device would be called the :


This sounds like something right out of GHOST BUSTERS, but it actually is real, and Functional.

                                            IT'S TIME FOR SOME COFFEE AND TIM BITS"

Each transmitter device would have to be in a TUBE long enough to shield the source from
outside light, such as the sun, and long enough to FOCUS the energy in a fairly small area, so that
you can compare the "target" bird with others around it, that do not "see" the light / sound /

Of course, it has been demonstrated that BIRDS are living Dinosaurs, ( the theoretical
premise for the movie JURASSIC PARK ) and most certainly, have existed long before
"humans". ( It is difficult to 'prove' any theory, when the events happened hundreds of
millions of years before you were born! Bizarre dinosaurs show up all the time that defy
all logical time-lines. Some dinosaurs look like they evolved from birds, and vice- versa!)
In the dense tropical forest, being able to "see" heat signatures of other creatures, and
SEE multiple frequencies, gave the raptor a distinct advantage, much like the heat signature
and multifrequency cameras now used by police to track criminals from helicopters.

This gives a new definition to "hunt down". An otherwise "invisible" animal, would stand
out clearly in other colour bands... Surprisingly, any ordinary human GIRL, with 6 colour
frequency bands could also SEE almost as well as the DINOSAURS! ( missing of course, the
"unknown" parts of dino (bird) eyes, and missing the MAGNETIC spectrum, but still far
superior to MALE, humans)
Until I wrote this article, I had no idea that I was a huge fan of Arianna Richards, below. She starred in Jurassic Park, is female, and is a brilliant artist
(who knew?). This article is about dinosaurs, birds, females, and artists, so it is fitting that she is an ICON of the theme! You can find her modern
works of art, particularly her amazing portraits, at  galleryariana.com. I was astounded by her self portrait at age 12 from the movie Jurassic Park,
which she gave to Steve Speilburg. I did water colors at age 12, so I am a qualified critic! - My art LOOKS  done by a 12 year old. Her work, deftly
uses techniques that I did not discover for 25 years! The amazing Jurassic water colour, done for Speilburg is here -

Male Humans, BEWARE: the creature, shown lurking in
the shadows of the Jungle, above, is NOT to be
under-estimated! Using eons of its finely crafted hunting
skills, its genetically superior eyesight, and extraordinary
sense of smell, its phenomenal hearing; -often working
together in "packs" of 3 or 4 creatures, and employing
brilliant tactical strategies, coupled with its legendary
"intuition", and amazing, lightning-fast reflexes, it can
hunt you down and render you helpless prey, before you
even realize that you are being hunted.
    The other creature shown, above, is a Veloci-Raptor.
It should be avoided, whenever possible. Firmly,
but politely, decline all dining invitations.
"LETS DO LUNCH" does not end well .  .  .  .

Typical "BONE DIGGING" over the past few hundreds
of years, unfortunately, destroys, and throws away all
the rock AROUND the bones, so that everyone was
"guessing" what the skin looked like.

Now, if the dinosaur is "whole", the entire slab of rock can be "X-RAYED", to reveal the skin, the
internal organs, and delicate body parts. Food has even been identified in the stomach! The most
interesting examination, using this technique, that I have seen, involved the brain, and the nerve
bundles in the dinosaur's head. Scientists were interested in how the brain was connected, how big
it was, and how the nerve bundles travelled down the neck. It is ASTONISHING, that we can do
a 3-D 'CAT-scan' (Computerized-Axial Tomography), millions of years AFTER the creature had
died! This new procedure has shown that "reptile" like lizard creatures, such as the Velociraptor
above, actually had FEATHERS - yes, just like a bird! Hundreds of smooth skinned,
reptile-looking dinosaurs may yet be found to have FEATHERS ! The Velociraptor now is
thought to look more like


After searching for a year, I think I found the original artist who drew the Velociraptor above.The link is: http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/diapsids/saurischia/dromaeosauridae.html
The Velociraptor is still fast, intelligent and deadly, - but now it is a fast, intelligent, and
deadly BIRD! I most definitely would NOT want to bump into one of these BIRDS in the forest!

THEREFORE: Since birds are, 'living' Dinosaurs,

            the purpose of the ANALYZER is
            ( with light /sound / magnetic lines )
The cameras, and the microphones, would be in long tubes as well, to get a narrow video/ audio
response CAPTURED on film.

The typical CONVERSATION, on the street, or at the AIRPORT, would go like this:

POLICEEXCUSE ME, What is that device that you are carrying?


POLICE: EXACTLY what do you DO with it?

ME:           I use it to HUNT DOWN, and SHOOT DINOSAURS....
                  Everybody in my group here, has one of these....

POLICE: ( Throwing me to the floor, and speaking into the RADIO )


                                         OR,  EVEN BETTER . . . . . . .





                    ITS OK, MY UNCLE JUST 
          WENT TO 



                             FEMALE   :     THAT TUBE THINGY WITH THE LIGHTS 

                    WE DO THIS ALL THE TIME






                               OH GOODY, HERE COME THE TIM BITS!

NOTHING is better after a long day of hunting Dinosaurs, than a big box of TIM BITS, with
something to drink! You can't get more "Canadian" than this! I'll bet the administration at the local
"TIMMIES" has no idea that their location is an ideal spot to HUNT DINOSAURS, and, get
something to eat, at the same time...!

STAY TUNED. This project is just getting started, so there will be updates as more data
is available.

Have Fun


OH, One last addition at this point, GUYS, before you go shopping with a GIRL
                                ( EVER, .... AGAIN )
Be certain that you show her this page, and have her read it carefully!

Then, print out the picture the "PRINT"...
 version of the card, below, which is designed to
be the size of a typical wallet
credit card, after it is folded over. I take thick, clear packing tape, and cover both sides
so that the card is waterproof, and thick. This preserves the important information!

Have the FEMALE sign the card, and then fold it, put it in your wallet, and take it
out in case of emergency!


Hi BIEBS: yes, of course I know what the T means, it was just too good to pass up. If you read this, I have a couple of "Canadian"
song ideas you can have FREE. Be sure to txt or Email since I get a dozen fake calls daily - wont answer unless I know the # ! lol!

Having a Remote Control device, to silence a pet is not exactly new, and I have used a
dozen devices over the years for pet DOGS.
The most similar device for dogs, is the BARK OFF.

Since I have friends USING the bark off, with tremendous success, at this moment, I know that
it works... however, the USER REVIEWS on various web sites are extremely mixed- people
either say it works or, in the majority of reviews, they say it DOES NOTHING. A lot of
people state that it got the dog's attention ONCE, and never worked again, or, that it started
making noise in a frequency that HUMANS could hear, and the dog stopped responding,
or, that it started working ALL THE TIME, and either drove the dog crazy, or the humans
crazy, or just started to make noise all the time that humans could hear, and the dogs totally
ignored! I don't have a dozen of these to test, but, from the hundreds of reviews online, I
GUESS that the mass- production at the factory is extremely poor quality, and all the problems
result from sloppy design and assembly. If the device works "once" and quits, or , starts over
a week or so to CHANGE the frequency, so that people hear it, etc., these characteristics
show that the electronics are unreliable. If it was reliable, it would not "CHANGE" its frequency,
in fact, it could not do so. As I stated, I know people that are using BARK OFF,
and it works perfectly, so "Quality Control" seems to be the cause of the problems...
Another issue is that the device has NO INDICATOR to let you know that it is working
at all. Many of the dog control products that I have used, have an LED light on them, to
show when they operate. This little bit of information, makes me believe that on the
BIRD_BRAINZ remote, I should add an LED light in the standard "Human" visible range
( yes, even Male Humans can see it! ) so that you can tell if the battery is dead ( no light ),
or that the button "IS" indeed, working ( the indicator light flashes ), so that even if the
birds ' get used to ' the invisible light, and start to ignore it, you at least know that the
device is likely functioning correctly. As I pointed out earlier, the only ' absolute' way to
know it is working, is to use a camera or a cell phone camera, to 'see' the LED glow.
The New and Improved BIRD_BRAINZ_MUTE_II would look like:

A great deal of testing needs to be done on my BIRD_BRAINZ -- specifically to
PREVENT the failures, typical of devices like the BARK_OFF, which was released to
market with severe problems. For example, what if the BARK_OFF actually 'works' in
most cases, but certain breeds of Dogs are unable to hear "that" specific frequency?
What tests were done? On how many different kinds of dogs? etc.
I have not even started to "make" a specific BIRD_BRAINZ, but from the beginning,
I realized that there are hundreds of variables that need to be tested BEFORE constructing a
After reviewing the REMOTE again, I realized that I wanted the dumb HUMAN to see
the LED indicator light, NOT the bird... So the LED would have to be moved to the bottom...

ALSO, I am working on the algorithm to add a number of "NEW AND IMPROVED"
features, largely aimed at creating a myriad of slightly DIFFERENT patterns of LED flash
all within the experimental pattern parameters that would be needed. For example,
there could be 'ramp up' and 'ramp down' buttons, a 'random flash generator' button,
an 'electromagnetic field generator' button, different LED transmitters in different spectral bands,
with a secondary sequence generator activating each LED in different patterns... An audio
high frequency generation coil could easily be added, and incorporated into the sequential
patterns. All these variations would help to ensure that the birds did not "get bored" with
the device, and start to ignore it!

It would be MUCH easier to just go to WAL-MART and buy one
of these inventions, instead of spending hours, days, weeks,
months, years, etc. to make them by hand...!


While I am thinking about the behaviour of animals, and their reactions to LIGHT and
SOUND, etc., I remember another, closely related project, which I never documented.
( I have hundreds of them.)
My Friend has a BETTA FISH.

She has had it for 6 years, even though the pet store told her it would only live only one year
at most. Wikipedia states that some can live 10 years. This fish is carefully looked after, NOT
following the typical instructions given in most aquarium instructions-- the fish is removed to
another container, every week, and the entire fish bowl is cleaned with dish soap, as are the
rocks and contents, which are then rinsed, and the bowl filled with ordinary tap water. The fish,
after the weekly ritual of being transferred every week for 6 years, immediately swims over to
the large spoon, used to transfer it to the temporary bowl, and lies down in the spoon, as soon as
she puts the spoon in the water! She talks to the fish every day, and it comes over to the side of
the bowl, and stares at her, and waves its fins, -- but it ignores everyone else.
One unusual behaviour of the fish, is that, at Christmas time, when the Christmas tree is
decorated and covered with twinkling lights, the fish sits on the side of the bowl, all day, just
staring at the lights! Every year, for 6 years!
To give the fish something to enjoy, for the rest of the year, I was constructing a sheet of
cardboard, about 1 foot square, to put on one side of the fish bowl, that had twinkling lights
on it. Thieves in Vancouver stole all the LED light modules that I had collected, so that I
never did finish the project. However, I believe that there is an "and-yet-another" marketable
product in the twinkling light backdrop for fish that are in household aquariums. I have not
researched "fish" light spectrum capabilities extensively, but since these creatures, like birds,
have been around for hundreds of millions of years, it is apparent that many, do indeed, have
spectral bands far exceeding the pathetic "human" limit of only 3 bands. Some sea creatures
have 12 bands, so they are vastly superior, and would likely appreciate a wider palette of
frequencies. Now that I have done research on BIRDS, on my "fish" light background twinkler,
I would include LED lights that are in the Ultra Violet and Infra-Red bands, even though we
'humans' cannot see them, on the likelihood that the fish would see them
and enjoy the "fireworks" display! When you think about it, even we lowly humans are in awe of
fireworks... In any event, perhaps I can collect the materials and put something together before the
thieves steal them!

On the topic of FIREWORKS, I invented PERMANENT Fireworks,
that are turned on with a switch!

Have fun

robin dusty graves

* Complex scientific details such as the encoding and writing schemes used in
burning and reading CD's and DVD's, or on subjects such as the Electromagnetic
Spectrum, Photons, Electromagnetic Radiation, etc., are summarily generalized.
You can go to wikipedia.org for un-ending, increasingly complex scientific
explanations, if you really want the nitty-gritty details...





As usual, I am stuck in "CANADA", the great white North, where
every factory I have known has shut down... Recent Government/
Corporate policies, have every scrap of technology shutting down,
and being boxed up for shipping to CHINA, where the same
"unprofitable" factory, is running triple shifts! Canada is
becoming a " 3rd World " country, if it does not already
deserve that status .... This product "could" be made here, but
the few remaining Engineering and Machining Corporations are
back-logged and ridiculously expensive. WAY, way, back in 1985,
a group of us tried to make, and market a small plastic
automobile device. The quote for the empty BOX, with colourful
printing, and a clear plastic display window, here in Canada was
over $6.00, The plastic injection mold halves were $60,000 with
a 6 month turnover... If there were any adjustments needed on
the molds, it would be another 6 months, and cost 10's of thousands...
We sent a prototype ( an early version, complete with many known flaws! )
to HONG KONG, and the quote was $500 for the machine molds
and 5 weeks. Adjustments were FREE, and made in a week or two...!
We got bogged down with world wide PATENTS, and to our dismay
and amusement, we discovered our 'prototype' in novelty stores,
only a few months later, shipped from Hong Kong, with the address
of a company in Great Britain! (SEE the upcoming,
which will be a huge folder when finished..) It was copied exactly
as we sent it - complete with flaws!... In a colourful box with a cellophane
window... For about the price of the empty box in Canada!

Oh Canada!

This invention is FREE, like everything on kidbots.com, to anyone
who wants to use it. I absolutely do not have any factories or
machine shops, or assembly lines at my disposal so I will be lucky
to hand-fabricate ONE, just for me. At great expense and time.
Obviously, it would be a lot cheaper and easier and quicker to
just go into a store and buy one, but there ARE NONE -
it hasn't been invented yet!.....

Entered on my website, February 2nd, 2012, just in time
for the end of the world ( Mayan Calendar )...




REGISTRANT     NAME    :           
  robin dusty graves        

REGISTRANT      EMAIL   :       

REGISTRANT   PHONE    :          
                   1 (613) - 717 -2777
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((Nota Bene : since I get easily a
 DOZEN fake phone calls a day, most
  often with area codes that do not
exist, or with EXCHANGE codes that
  do not exist, or from bizarre
locations like Africa, I will generally
  NOT ANSWER strange calls
 that I cant recognize. If you want to
  CONTACT ME, it is efficient to
TEXT (780) (a Cell phone) or to
  EMAIL ME, and give your # in
 the message, so that I can add it
 keep a list of most incoming calls, which
  I cross-reference for validity,
95% of which turn up clearly FAKE!
+37365024233 MOLOVA  
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+22382730861 MALI   
V7152107270006 ? ? ? ?  etc etc  lol   )

  207 Bank Street #206, Ottawa,
  Ontario, Canada, K2P 2N2















ABOVE: An interesting look at colours, birds,
dinosaurs, girls, and DNA, as well as "seeing"
magnetism, and "invisible" ELECTROMAGNETIC
RADIATION spectrums. All females must read !








     DELIBERATELY MANUFACTURED Flaws, Hidden Back-Doors,
     Secret Master Keys, Defects, etc., in ALL typical locks sold in
     North America.

     In Canadian common SLANG, " B AND E" stands for the hourly
     BREAK AND ENTER crime that happens in every location
     from sea to shining sea, across the Nation.
     This will be an on - going look at the HORRID state of affairs of
     so-called "LOCKS" and Security, commonly used all over North
     America. Simply put, ANY locking system in North America is
     deliberately manufactured with well known flaws, exploits, tricks,
     secrets, etc., so that anyone who BOTHERS to type into Google
     can get over 1 Billion pages of "HOW TO OPEN ANY LOCK"-
     and, really, . . . . you actually CAN DO SO !

ABOVE : This gutter snipe trollup defiantly

displays the lock she picked to escape the
chains to the LOOM.

     kidbots.com/GOOGLE/ is a page about
     one of my first ROBOT models, used to interface
     to a typical (in order of manufacture)
     8086, 8088, 80186, 80188, 80286, 80386
    type of computer that was thrown out by
    the millions.
GOOGLE was very simply designed
    with few parts, and few wired connections,
    to test the INTERFACE to the typical 80186
    computer I was using.  Since thieves here
    in Ottawa stole my 2 Desktop computers,
    adding information on this robot, will be
    slow and sporadic! Stay tuned ! There will
     be many pages detailing GOOGLE_MAPS,
    and GOOGLE_TRANSLATE, as well as the
    robot GOOGLE itself.
    This motherboard uses the INTEL 80186
    which hundreds of HIGH-END manufacturers
    produced. These were more expensive
    and powerful than the typical home computer.
    Kids and inexperienced Computer people
    will tell you that there is no such thing as
     an IBM type 80-186 computer ! ( weren't
    there, didn't see it, didn't do it !  lol )
     I still HAVE this motherboard. Luckily, it
    was not in storage where over a hundred
    old computers were stolen by thieves. . .






Because illegal hackers have decided to spam the name
" robin dusty graves" or " robindustygraves "
I have decided to use the same tactics that they use, and load
my REAL web pages with the key search words that would be used
by search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc.

As it now stands, searches are re-directed illegally and maliciously by
spammers, who create thousands of fake web pages, that Microsoft's;
BING.com, for example, found and displayed for 4 or 5 months - while
at the same time, BING, in a search , refused to find DUSTYGRAVES.COM
or ROBINDUSTYGRAVES.COM  when searching for 'robindustygraves' ! ! !
Go figure. This would clearly demonstrate that the hacker/spammers understand
the algorithms and software used by the various search engines, like Yahoo,
Google, BING, Yandex, etc. and tailor their spam to achieve high status on the
result pages. Google and Bing have changed their algorithm formula, so the
hacker/spam is diminishing. Yandex always had a different algorithm, and was
better at achieving valid results on the first pages. However, the hacker/spammers
are always searching for new ways to achieve their results (hacker/spam !)
 The fake web pages re-direct to pornography, PAY-PER-CLICK websites,
that the spammers get paid a fraction of a penny for each person who
accidentally clicks on them, and to pages where the SERVER is deliberately
set up to spam with POP UPS that state things like " MICROSOFT
to continue Scanning, and Remove the VIRUS" - If you click on ANYTHING,
--the little "X" in the top corner to close, the box on the bottom that
states "CLOSE", -- any action besides CTRL-ALT-DELETE ( to bring up
the Windows Task Manager, to CLOSE your Browser entirely! ) it will
download a virus that generates a continual barrage of fake VIRUS
warning alerts, that demand Visa and Mastercard to remove- If you are
foolish enough to actually GIVE your Visa or Mastercard, the information
is used to make illegal purchases, AND the virus is NOT removed!
 Many fake web  re-directions take you to a page that appears to
"LOAD" for a long time with an hour glass or "now loading" ICON, but,
while that is happening, your IP address, your specific geo-location,
your specific information on YOUR computer, etc. is being gathered,
and by the time the fake web page actually loads, often with a FAKE web
"SEARCH PAGE" ( Pay-per-click), your computer is already compromised,
and is subject to further hacking from that point onwards...



Real Science is a fascinating subject, unlike the decades of what
was typically taught in schools that I endured, that tries to KILL
every shred of imagination, of hope, of possibility, and instead,
fills the time with memorizations of WHAT CAN NOT BE DONE!

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light...

Nothing can get colder than absolute zero.

Matter can neither be created nor destroyed... etc etc.

( All wrong! search Richard Feynman, for a lecture on this! )

There are always a handful of educators, scattered here and there,
who is interested and therefore
interesting, and who keep
mankind from falling back into the Dark AGES !

With the String theory, and new discoveries of the last few years,
we are on the brink of an entirely new era - and I can't wait to see
what happens next! This is a wondrous and magical time, with the
doors of science wide open again - and the view is breathtaking!

**Clarke's Three Laws are three "laws" of prediction formulated
by the British writer                Arthur C. Clarke. They are:

1/ When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that
something is possible, he is almost certainly right.
When he states that something
is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
2/ The only way of discovering the limits of the possible
is to venture a little way past them  into the impossible.
3/ Any sufficiently advanced technology is
 indistinguishable from magic.

(thanks to wikipedia)

have fun

Robin Dusty Graves

( Life, is an experiment, please don't destroy the Lab!
-- robindustygraves -- )






Illegal hacker/spammers have jammed the internet with so much garbage,- typically
3000 web pages with my name, "robindustygraves" that I deliberately created the
web site " ROBINDUSTYGRAVES.COM" to re-direct some of the traffic BACK
to my real web pages. On the DAY (2014) that I renewed "KIDBOTS.COM" the
illegal hacker/spammers PURCHASED a dozen new fake web sites, and put on
hundreds of pages of spam - all containing the word " robindustygraves ", which now
show up in a typical search by GOOGLE, BING, YANDEX, and YAHOO !
These replace the old major spam web site EKEWO.IN, which they let expire...

Typical of the 'new and improved' illegal, malicious,
spam pages would be:

KkDs.biz    Whois Record


2015-01-15 Backorder Now or Hire a domain broker
General TLDs:
KkDs.comkkds.com whois (registered and
active website)
KkDs.netkkds.net whois (registered and
active website)
KkDs.orgkkds.org whois (registered and
active website)
KkDs.infokkds.info whois (registered and no website)
KkDs.bizkkds.biz whois (registered and
active website)
KkDs.usbuy kkds.us (deleted and available again)
Domain Name: KKDS.BIZ
Domain ID: D58565235-BIZ
Sponsoring Registrar:

Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 303
Registrar URL (registration services):
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registrant ID: PP-SP-002
Registrant Name: Domain Admin
Registrant Organization: Privacy Protection Service INC d/b/a PrivacyProtect.org
Registrant Address1: C/O ID#10760, PO Box 16
Registrant Address2: Note - Visit
Registrant Address3: to contact the domain owner/operator
Registrant City:
Nobby Beach
Registrant State/Province: Queensland
Registrant Postal Code: QLD 4218
Registrant Country:
Registrant Country Code: AU
Registrant Phone Number: +45.36946676

Typical new spam sites show up now with garbage like:

Free themes blac berry 8520
site:mx.am robindustygraves · kenmore 800 washing machine wont drain completely ·
25 cal auto muzzle velocities · small, smaller, smallest interactive

Reflection and refraction worksheets middle school
robindustygraves. Compiled Documents for Reflection Worksheets Middleschool .
Updated Title Size TYPE R DL. Johnston Middle School 8th Grade ...

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robindustygraves lett.
This question is pertinent. Low and broad rudimentary replacing the €caudal ...

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Feb 18, 2011 - ... filemaker mac -nrg Read online veterinary technology books

Robindustygraves Kipor sinemaster generator kge3500ti Baton rouge asian car ...

robindusty “
robindustygraves ” graves hasn't shared anything on this page with you.
We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.

THUS, Here are typical "REAL"
FOR " robindustygraves"

Demonstration of my EFIE in use




and DIAGRAMS of my efie


A NEW discovery of the biggest Element (Gv) ever found

A look at HUMAN eye sight and COLOURS and Dinosaurs and GIRLS

Why are there only 4 partial written BOOKS from over
70 MILLION Mayans?


(sounds like Douglas Adams!)


A Web Site created JUST to re-direct some of the Illegal,
Malicious, Spam TRAFFIC


KIDBOTS.COM . . .Using old IBM PC 286 - 386 type computers as



HYDROGEN FUEL IN YOUR CAR ( water ) instead of gasoline

INVENTIONS I have made

POWER BAR - A useable power bar for charging 18 items

LAB  A typical research lab for Engine Parts

Web Site Created to re-direct some of the Illegal, Malicious, SPAM

My SOLUTION to over-complicated, over-expensive



the missing ATI SMBus driver that thousands of
people look for






COFFEE - all about different COFFEE MAKERS and Products I use


When the Books of the Bible were Chosen

My Blackberry 9300 Review on my KIDBOTS.COM website





Burning WATER (H2O) (H,H,O) (Di-Hydrogen Mon-Oxide)
instead of gasoline in your car:




Remote Control "MUTE" button for BIRDS (Every Female must read! ) :




A growing number of INVENTIONS I have developed over the years:




An Invention of PERMANENT, FIXED, Fireworks, turned on with a flick of
a switch, every night!:




How to take an Obsolete old computer, like an 8088, 8086, 80186,
80188, 80286, 80386 etc, and old discarded electronics, to build a
FREE, home -made robot and controller:




So far, this winter, I am NOT far enough South... Just as the weather
got warm, and the roads were dry, we got a huge snowfall, that lasted
days! After shoveling snow for a few hours I built a 7- foot snowman,
that says it all!





Otis McDonald gained
International attention
by winning a U.S. Supreme
Court case which ended laws
that had been in effect
since the days of SLAVERY.



by Bird-Brainz
is a work-in-progress of a
musical accompaniment to this
article. The first 4 variations
on a theme are on Youtube at:

  There are 8 different musical
variations on the theme, and
more will be posted.
.The music will,
eventually, be an
entire orchestra.

NEW : June 8th 2020
I was looking at the riots and turmoil in the
UNITED STATES over white vs. black
issues a few days ago, and thought that
there REALLY should be a T-SHIRT that
demarcates many individuals. Here is my
new design - never seen before !

ABOVE: while there are "SWAT"
"POLICE", SECURITY, etc., printed
everywhere, NO ONE yet has
worn the clear message :

lol - order yours today!
just invented 3 days ago!
robin dusty graves
(( after I made the T shirt design, I
emailed Jay Pharoah. I figure he
could use the design in follow up
entertainment routines !



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