the FREE  MS GIF Animator SETUP ( 1.2 MEGS)
CLICK HERE. This download is from CNET / downloads
This worked in Windows 98, and still works in Win XP.

First click on the GIF SETUP from where ever you stored it on
your computer. It will install the program,. Then, in PROGRAMS
start GIF Animator.
   I used built in PAINT  program in Windows to quickly make 7
very crude pictures that I "SAVED AS" GIFs under SMILE_1.GIF to
SMILE_7.GIF. You can SAVE my GIFs to your computer to save
time, or make a few GIFs of your own.







The easiest way to use GIF ANIMATOR is to first OPEN
the BROWSE for a GIF Button, with the LAST GIF you
are going to use, in this case , GIF SMILE_7

THEN, one at a time use the INSERT button to insert all the remaining GIFs
backwards from 6 to 5 to 4 etc until you are finished.

Once all the GIFS in the animation are on the list, scroll to the last one, and
set how LONG the DURATION is for, - I used 100 of 1/100 Seconds
which = 1 second. One by one scroll up the GIFs, setting the time for each.
I also set the background to RESTORE - there are many options.

Finally, scroll to the last GIF, and set the LOOP, REPEAT
so that the animation just keeps going. Then press the
arrow PREVIEW button to see how it looks.

Have fun with this, - there are many options, and you can experiment
and get more information online.
You can OPEN, my SERVO animation to see how I did it..


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