This was the original header on the main page, but it was too much to
download on 56K dial-up modems, so I put it here on a separate page.
It is not that much of a problem any more, since everyone uses high speed.

Later, I had the original animator, Bo Fra, re-do the GIF in a smaller file
which fit on a SINGLE, 3.5 inch floppy ! It is grainy, but loads faster.


The really neat GIF animations of computers and robots were done by Bo Fra, and
many people have asked where they came from. The animated TinMan GIF was
a collaboration - I set up real motherboards as a backdrop and floor, and used
a real tin can robot in various positions. Bo Fra put them together with the addition
of the KIDBOTS sign. Cam, our Mac Wiz helped with various details.

Here is an interesting little puzzle. To read the message in this picture, you need to
literally put your nose on the monitor, and look straight ahead. You will see two
different parts of the picture. Move slowly away from the screen, looking at two
different parts of the screen. You CANNOT focus on the screen at any one point
or you will see nothing! ( You must remain cross- eyed ! ), As you move away, you
will start to see letters start to shimmer one inch ABOVE the screen. By focusing on
one of these letters, you will slowly be able to read the letters beside it, until you
can see the whole message. Good luck.


I am creating my own animations as I re-write with updated information.
For example, SERVO, the robot who wakes up attached to a huge computer,
is animated using MS GIF Animator, a free program.

You can create your "OWN" GIF animations easily by downloading
free MS GIF Animator, and using any drawing program like PAINT to
make your own GIF drawings, which you can then use to ANIMATE.
TO see HOW TO download and create "YOUR OWN" animations,
This will open in a new TAB, just close the tab to return.


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side of this page, using a home computer or laptop, or, if you
are on a CELL phone and cannot see or click on the menu at
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