Photo 10    The basic parts used for and interface are pictured above. The relay boxes are computer controlled switches, which allow tiny + 5 volt signals to turn on and off large motors and devices. The resistors limit how much electricity travels to the LED lights, and the transistors. The LED lights come in many shapes and sizes, and are used to show whether a wire is "on" or "off". Finally, the transistors, all with three wires on the bottom, are exactly the same as the relays in principle - they use a tiny amount of electricity on the centre pin, to allow, or stop large amounts of electricity between the two outer pins. Relays allow the motors or 'switched' devices on the output to be completely SEPARATE from the tiny control circuit, much like a wall light switch. Transistors, however, are part of the circuit, and caution must be used to protect the printer port circuits from accidental damage.
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