Photo 2     The printer cable has two ends shown here. The printer end is on the top, sometimes called a "centronics" connector. The bottom connector goes to the computer's "printer port" output, which is identical except with holes instead of pins. Having the computer's connector with protected contacts inside the holes, was done deliberately, since the printer port chips can easily be destroyed by shorting the connections together.
(On the back of most "IBM" type "PC"s, there is an identical connector with PINS. This would be the SERIAL or 'mouse' port. Pins were used, since shorting these pins will not damage the internal chips. There are two kinds of serial connectors, one with 9 pins, the other with 25 - on the 25 pin style, only 9 of the 25 pins are used. This makes trying to find which connector on the back of an "OLD" PC  belongs to what device, very difficult - you have to open the metal case in many instances, and look at what the connectors are plugged into inside the computer. Even worse, many other " ADD ON "  cards used the same 25 pin connector for many other devices, such as SCSI ( Small Computer System Interface), special monitors, external CD players, bar code readers, oscilloscopes, etc. )

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